Thursday, November 25, 2010

Us.. Unravelled

There are some people.
That no matter how hard you try,
you'll never manage to reach up to them.

You're one of them.

There are people,
who can show all their love,
uninhibited love.
All the care and all the concern.
And you still don't feel you belong with them.

You're one of them.

There are people
Whom you could want to talk about
everything under the sun with.
And yet you can't and so can't they.

You're one of them.

There are some people you so badly want to belong with,
want to see a future with,
and yet you know,
you're the puzzle,
that'll never fit into their jigsaw of life.

I'm one of them.

live, life

You only live once,
So why fear taking the risk?

You've got nothing to lose,
Why not take the risk?

If you fail or falter,
You'll know you tried.

If you hear more downs than ups,
About you,

You can at least hold your head up,
And say proudly,
You did it!

You don't have another lifetime to do what you have to do,
Oh! Reincarnation doesn't count!
You'd be some one else by then.

Do something!
For yourself
For what you are now.
For the name you've given yourself

For the soul in you,
the soul which yearns,
For you,
To be you!

For only you live, for yourself.
No one else does.
Smile, and hold your head high,
Pat you back,
And say,
I love you, to you