Thursday, December 10, 2009


And he kept quiet,
as quiet as the early morning birds,
the crashing waves,
the howling black wind,
the parting clouds,
as quiet as an Empty vessel;
And yet he was Quiet

I could hear all the noises,
And yet he was quiet.

Or perhaps he didnt make a sound,
where i had anticipated a band of rock and roll,
Or at least series of accusations,
But being Quiet was what he was.

And he kept quiet,
as quiet as the midnight birds,
the still wind,
the empty dark alley,
the hollow abandoned museum
as quiet as a dead cemetery;

Perhaps describing the Liveliest between us;
The dead cemetery.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

love :)

Although love pangs may be fatal,

There can be no way out,

Without love this heart too would grieve,

For want of things to grieve about.

Monday, May 25, 2009

smile.. no more

A smile,
is all i wish for

A smile,
which came so easily,
before you came into my life,
refuses to form,
now that you aint here.

A smile,
is just a mask now,
for the rolling drops.

A smile,
isnt much to ask for,
but yet i fear,
for you may not smile.

A smile.

The wrongs in me.

Waiting for you seemed wrong,
as wrong as loving you,
was never wrong.

I never knew the wrong,
was so right.
So right that doing the right thing,
seemed wrong.
The wrong,
was also wrong.

Two wrongs never make it right,
but two rights were wrong.
Loving you was never wrong,
You were never wrong.

Perhaps you were just not the,
Right one.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

bitter sweet

Waiting isnt hard,
convincing myself that you'l return is.
All my love,
forms a cloud in my head.
Leaving me unable,
to choose between two rights.

You were never wrong,
falling for you was never wrong.
Being with you was never wrong.
Loving you was never wrong

But, how does waiting for you seem wrong?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MemOriEs Of a diStaNt paSt

Speaking to a friend who's very close to heart~ th 1st to comment on every blog :P~, made me realise the fact that India is a country any1 would fall in love with. Im a Malaysian and I dont look at myself as a NRI or a half indian or whatsoever. True, i speak tamil. and my anchestors were from Tamil Nadu. True that th traditions I adhere to are those from India. True that i am seen as an Indian.True that i have a soft spot for India and i stand up against anyone attempting to even say anything negative about India. BUT, Im a Malaysian at th end of th day~owh, im not even going to get to th racial problem in Malaysia at th moment~

Coming back to India. My 1st experience with India and Indian was when i went there to pursue my Degree~i was 19+. All alone in a foreign land. Leaving behind all familiar faces, known lanes, Uncles and Aunties, friends who meant th world to me, to live in a foreign land, amongst strangers. A country i had NO one in. A place i have never considered my own. A place where i was solely known by my looks and nothing else!

My 1st week was filled with deep regret and depression. But th Indian atmosphere is so colourful that it doesnt let you be down for too long. I made friends~ friends for life~though we may be oceans apart, they are th best set of people ive ever known. True, Indian friendship is different from th Malaysian friendship (yeah~ even friendship differs with th geographical location :P)

As time passed, I started Living life in India. My first experience at Independence~though i was still financially dependent :p~ I used to wonder why people fought for independence~ i no longer wonder~ I lived a life i couldnt have lived anywhere else. A life where i was known for who i am. Defined by solely my name and not my Fathers. Spent every day doing what i pleased without having to bother about anyone(no 1 knew my parents bck thr :P). My first brush with Pani Puri~a snack which i consider th greatest of all Snacks~

Pani Puri has been th one food i cant get enough of. I used to stay up studyin all night long before the exams(yeah, 1 day before th exam) and think of Breakfast At Bakery and Pani Puri's in th noon :). And always wanted to collect some Pani sample of th pani puri and agar plate it! Hell yeah, im sure th CFU will easily be higher that 10000~ and yet everytime, i gobble up a plate n wait for th cuka~i forgot how its pronounced ~

haih! i miss my bangalore~mind you, i dont miss th whole of bangalore or th whole of india! i just miss th Bangalore i know and th Indians i came across. Th indians gave me a new identity. Th indians made me believe in me! Th bangalore that has given me so much of independence, so much of love and joy, Th bangalore that has thought me how to love, and expect nothing in return. Th Bangalore i Love.

If I could return back to Bangalore, i Would. even if none of my friends are there anymore., i would go back to Bangalore! A place i call home, after th one in Klang. A place im familiar with. A place that puts me to ease. A place i dnt need to worry about anything. A place where i can walk and walk and walk, and not be alone..
A place where my Soul meets its match..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a pOem fOr th gUy i caLL lOvE.. (translated fm malay for niks)

Th thousands of stars up in th sky,
are now gone.
Leaving me, reachin out in th dark,
Th waxing moon,
is now waning,
Taking my thoughts with it.
For a moment,
I saw you,
in Silence,
with lights and twinkles,
Were they Stars or th Moons,
Thank you,.
Let me steal fleeting glances of you,
Let me steal memories with you,
im sorry,
if this,
reminds you of us,
for as long as,
we are remembered,
in th stage called,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 random sense n nonsense

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Ive come to terms with my tummy, because i finally realize that no matter what i do, its going to be there forever n that nayantara 6 packs in billa is so out of reach.. (i like her)

2. Back in Bangalore, i used to get a haircut whenever i was horribly bored. To a point where Sonali exclaimed out loud that if i dont stop cutting, im going to end up having hair(on my head) shorter than her armpit hair..

3. Renuka thinks i have a liking towards younger Boys ( I am still pondering on that fact renu)..

4.Every month i have a Favourite song, which i think will last forever, but it does only till th next month comes~ in december it was kangal irandal, january it was aatichudi n this month is Uyiril Yedho..

5. At the end of every sentence i use double full stop, and i know my Language teachers arent gona be very proud of that..

6. I started watching cricket in India just to support th opposition team (Team Sri Lanka at that time) and to annoy my indian friends. But i ended up liking the Sport so much that i burned Rm75 subscribing to astro box office last month.. And yeah, i know what an LBW is n what a Wide is n what a No Ball is..

7. I remember most of the dialogues from Madagascar2..

8. I ran away from home when i was 9 years old cuz my brothers told me i was adopted.. I packed my piggy bank, few clothing's and started walking away.. walked up to th bus stop near my house.. n then realized that there will be no one to make me milo everyday n i walked back home..

9. I had 2 roommates from hell and 2 god sent roommates.. Th 1st 2 didn't last long thankfully.. And th 2nd 2 are very close to heart!

10. Ive had 13 fishes as pets in Bangalore.. Out of which only 3 survived.. Nita named 1 bozo n i named the other Garfield and the 3rd didn't have a name, he was th One Eyed Fish..

11. i Bite my nails to help me concentrate.. n Yeah, i concentrate on movies, drama's, Matches, daily conversations, shopping n etc, so, i tend to bite them very often..

12. I dont remember studying anything at all in school, cuz when i 1st started Bsc Biotech i was a clean slate.. It was hell.. Pure hell..

13. I got to know my Juniors only after th Farewell Party they Threw us.. I wonder what was I doin when we gave them Freshers *thinks hard*

14. Most of my clothings are either Blue or green in colour but my favourite colour is red and i only have 3 t shirts in red and 2 Punjabi suits in red.. *wonder how, wonder why*

15. Im still searching for my childhood sweetheart.. Giridharan.. we used to be the inseperable duo till we shifted to Andalas and they shifted to Subang..

16.I have a huge crush on most of the Sri Lankans i know..

17. I love Ice Lemon Tea.. i Even bought 50 sachets of them to India when i was studying there * i should have knew they would have it there as well~..

18. I like Tesco.. Lots of food.. I feel happy around food..

19. I named my dog after the Movie.. But i totally forgot the existence of Rocky~ a good friend back in India.. he refused to speak to me for a while..

20. I completed my Foundation In Science in a college which doesn't exist anymore.. S.I.T..

21. When i read all my Previous mails (those that i sent like 4-5 years back) i laugh at my stupidity.. and im sure when i read this note or my current mails 5 years later i'l laugh as hard..

22. I have stalked people(back in bangalore).. i helped my friend stalk a guy she fancied(in blore as well).. and i have called another guy from a coin booth claiming to be some1 else(bangalore again) *muahaha*~ sad part is, his cousin brother answered the phone and there went my 5rupees down th drain.. *moral of the story~ Bangalore brought out the psycho in me~

23. Sankey tank is the Only place in the world i've visited more than 100 times.

24.i Have 20 teddy bears *i just counted them*~ but i don't like Teddy bears.. i don't know why people keep giving them to me..

25. I wana be rich.. Rich enougf that i don't need to go to work n i can have a cosy house with a huge courtyard and have 2 dogs..

Yeay.. there goes my 25 ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

19 S~ *asses*

It's harder than it looks!
Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real ... nothing made up!
If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
Then Publish your note.
Have Fun!

1. What is your name: Shanky (or rather thats what im called more often than not)

2. A four-letter word: Sexy *Wink Wink*

3. A boy's name: Shyam *my lovey lovey*

4. A girl's name: Sonali *commonly known as Monjo@Momie*

5. An occupation: Scientist? *im intelligent!*

6. A color: Sepia? *or is that a tone?*

7. Something you wear: Skirts *not so often*

8. A food: Spaghetti

9. Something found in the bathroom: Shower Gel?

10. A place: Sri Lanka *th land of my Loves~many*

11. A reason for being late: Slept off *th true reason for everythng*

12. Something you shout: Shacks *a much more decent version of ~you know what~*

13. A movie title: Slumdog Millionnaire *i liked it~but loved th book more*

14. Something you drink: Sex on th beach *zero G~*

15. A musical group: Spice girls? *argh! yuck! i hate them*

16. An animal: Sea lion *cute cute*

17. A street name: Sri Sedeli * a place called home :)*

18. A type of car: Sentra

19. The title of a song: Survivalism (nine inch nails)

Well, since im not getting much action these days, and when i do, im too max-ed out, there goes my 4th blog~ filling up surveys.. Promise to be back with a proper post soon.. till then,, Adios..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A to Z

~from 11am to 2 am ~except for when im washing th porch, feedin rocky, cleaning th house, eating, drinking, eating, bathing, jogging, TV'ing, and talking~ feel free to mail me otherwise

B-Best friend(s):-
~Shalini :) (she's more than just tht :P

C-Cake or Pie:-
~Cake cake cake.. cheese cake from secret recipe or dbc from just bakes :)

D-Drink of choice:-
~Coke~ once again..

E-Essential thing used every day:-
~aila.. so many things la.. and to add to it, im a girl~* monjo., rmember th chart we drew in class once? bout th number of things guys need n girls need .. it was sumthin like 13 vs 38*

F-Favorite color:
~Red *roaaar*

G-Gummy bears or worms:
~neither.. too sweet for my liking..

~Klang~ Bandar Di Raja (City of Kings~ haha, it sounds better in Malay)

~Coke, Movies and that special fella :)

J-January or February?
~January~ every1's in a good mood(read~u dont get denied) and loadsa intresting Tv programmes ;)

K-Kids and names?
~no kids yet as th Co-Producer is unavailable at th moment :(

L-Life is incomplete without:
love and friends and MOOlah :)

M-Marriage date:MM/YYYY ---
~sum time b4 2014.. anytime after that my parents will declare me a spinster n send me off to th local ashrams..

N-Number of siblings
~2.. elder buffalo's

O-Oranges or apples:
~neither? i prefer durians~ the double up as weapons! :) apparently it stinks~to al you foreigners~ur missing out on life's greatest pleasures!

~jeyshree maam's classes~ no 1 can bore you as much..

~a smile is a curve that sets everything else straight :)

R-Reason to smile:
~ th amount of "nansense" people do when in love `im a great example-Mahelaaaaaa`

~I hate winter! i'd rather be in jeyshree's maam's class

T-To meet or to speak:
~I'd rather meet :) actions speak louder than words..
Eg. Saying I love you and a smack on th lips aint th same :p

U-Unknown fact about me:
~im a psychotic posessive female *oh damn! that was a know fact*

V-Vegetable(s) you do not like:
~Bitter gourd~ yucky to th power of infinity

W-Worst habit:-
~Biting my fingers (when i m thinking or jobless)

.X-rays you have had:-
~surprisingly nil~ for th amount i'v injured myself

Y-Your favourite food:-
~Pizza :)

~Leo *roaaaar again*

th famous 27 :)

that really dumb movie by jim carrey~ yes man or somethin like that.. *regrets*

Th last testament by sam bourne~ 3rd attempt at reading th book~ its pretty intresting but not really th kind i usually read..

Scrabble! ~ especially when u'r seated at barista bel road~ with kapsy,sonali n riya..

was it marie claire? i cant remember

smell of malli poo.. :)

 it shud be th veenai :)


shit! im late again! gt to think of reasons!

Pizza hut~ but they arent really fast

Avantheka and Aradhana :)

study interior designing and open a consultancy :)

hah hah.. let th 2 probationary years pass 1st .

it lies there beside me.. dont hug em though.

cool when im on th streets.

Myvi~ malaysian vision :)

Coke~ to th uninitiated, refer to my Ode to Coke..

do exactly what ive been doin for th past 6 months :)

yeah. momie said healthy!


Bangalore (3 awesome yrs)
Salem (couple of weeks)
Klang (all my life)

Cricket~ my current craze, athletics

my textbooks on 1 end, shoes n sandals on th other end..

no! boring.. i wud like to be born as Mahela Jeyawardena's wife :)

Used to be a morning Person back in Bangalore.. now a complete 180 degree flip..

Sunny side up.

i hv been relaxing for th past 6 months! will update this when i get a job/MSc

Rum n Raisins! surprisingly th 1's from th food court are my favourite :p

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Let there be peace;
to all mankind,
Let there be an end;
to all wars,
Let there be a stop;
to all racism,
Let there be happiness.

My blood has no colour,
Nor does my tears know race,
The wind caressing me,
hasnt a direction;
Let the Hearts unite.

Drops unite to form a Sea,
Sea's unite to form Oceans,
Glory be the waves,
Let the clouds Unite,
Every night has its Dawn;
The day shall see light!

rocky dogG

This guy.(rocky th rockstar) has been a part of th family for quite sometime now.

he knows how exactly to fool my mom n make her let him out

how to make dad give him food (junk food)

how to make aravin stop dead in his track n play with him

n to make me do all of th above

He's a very intelligent dog even though he does none of what th dog's you see on th Idiot box do. he cant catch a ball in th air., nor does he know how to fetch., nor does he know how to twist n twirl., nor does he know how to smile or make other silly faces., nor does he know how to walk to 2 legs n shake hand. N he cant deliver letters like th dog in 'Hum aapke hain kaun'. Why? Cuz he's a dog! I mean even rocky understands that al a dog needs to know is to run on 4 legs (n yeah's awesome at it~ if u can catch rocky u will be declared a Hero!), n he knows how to bang th front grill when he wants to come in th house. He also knows that barking serves many purpose

  1. woof woof~ im hungry

  2. wouuuuuuuuf woouuuuuuuu~i think there's some1 at th gate

  3. wuf wuf wuf~ im hungry

  4. wooof wooof wooof(infinity)~ i need to pee, could you please let me out?! (@#$%^&*!)

    Yeah, thats pretty much al he knows.. n he even knows its best not to touch th laundry thats drying or it would be th laundry that killed him.
But being Rocky's friend has many benefits *i shall dwell upon them later*. But like in every healthy/sound/happy relationship, we have issues! No, i shall not torment you by writing bout how he chooses to poop on th porch only when there are too many visitors arnd *at other times he's th perfectly behaved dog* But rocky and i have issues regarding his idea of "going for a walk"

I just got back from th innumerable walks that Rocky demands from us in a day. He thinks its his birth right to go for a walk around th locality every 2 hours. He has even made friends with th area guard and his HUGE guard dog. Perhaps, he's aspiring to be a Guard dog in future.. *thinks* That'l be one hell of a sight. A dog th size of a cat but a heart of th bloodhound ;) *nyeh nyeh nyeh*

My previous dogs, somehow understood that going for a walk means, "to do your business". And if you get too spot a cat or sniff another dogG's rear end al th more better. But with rocky that isnt th case. For him, going for a walk means:

  • I get to inhale Fresh air.. *i shall perform a lil bit of Yoga in th middle of th road, please!*

  • These aunties here think im cute, i shal go sniff em and make some noise.
  • Hey! was that th place i forgot to piss at yest?! I need to mark my territory, come!

  • I havent sniffed that square inch of land yet! why are you hurrying me?!
This guy here often gets a trail of something *its nasty most of the time*, and gets worked up, starts whining, sniffing and walks in circles as he pursue's his next victim of th day. And there goes th thoughts of "toilet" into the forewind. Maybe, he finds it a pretty intresting hobby or rather activity, but th human accompanying him doesnt think so, since its my arm that gets twisted n twirled trying to pull him n restrain him from going to place that he shudnt be going to. Actually, i wouldnt mind letting him pursue his trail, if he had a purpose, but considering his success rate which is terribly low and embarassing (to me and him), and he doesnt really know how to react when he comes face-to-face with his prey. 'Am i supposed to sniff it?' 'Attack it?' 'Play with it?'. He is truly lost! (very much like his owner~ you guys should agree with me on this point!) I have seen Rocky stand 2 feet away from a cat and watch them both wonder. The poor tomcat on its 4, staring at rocky.Perhaps asking him 'Are you gona do anything or do i continue with my nap?' This is embarassing for Rocky! Me! and the Cat!..

N even after all these rattlings, I can safely say, Dogs are indeed man's (and woman's) best friend! And dont mistake Rocky for a bad guy. If only he could grasp the entire concept of going for a walk!

I wouldnt bet my money on that though!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

moski~ mossski~ moskito!

The world is filled with many things. And for starters it filled with more annoying things than soothing things. And im sure many of us would agree regarding the many annoying creatures present: Flies, Cocoroaches, Lizards, Jim Carrey, Himesh Reshamiya, etc (some of you may include me in the above mentioned list). But at the moment., the top spot goes to the World Most Annoying BugGer's ~ *drum rolls* ~ the anopheles~ n to all you lesser mortals knows as~ Machar a.k.a moski.

These beings can be divided into 2 categories..

  1. those who die as soon as you spray sheltox or for th matter of fact any repellent on them

2. and th 2nd kind is th 1 which never dies. you can drown th room with sheltox and even risk yourself being killed, but no.. these small buggers never die! NEVER!

Fortunately these things ( i refuse to honour them by calling them by their names) dont like me~ or rather my blood. But th buzzing sound they make on th hot summer nights! drive me up th wall.. And Malaysia UNFORTUNATELY is a humid country to begin with. The central power system Board is excellent actually. They hardly ever disconnect us from our beloved idiot box~electricity in other words, but when they do, they choose th worst of days. its always during th hot summer days does th fan stop and these beings try to help by 'fanning' their wings right above your head!

Every evening my Mom's prepares th house for a battle zone. She looks at th clock. The sun. The clock. The sun. and finally when its about time *yeah she miraculously knows the exact time, latitude,longitude, magnitude and al th other equations regarding th Moski's* she shuts th sliding door, th main door, al th possible windows and ventilators, turning th house into a dark dark cave with no openings. And during th days we have to return home after dusk, we race th moski's into the house, trying to leave them lesser space to squeeze through. but i must say, the plan hardly ever works, considering 4 fully grown adults and a dog present.

But th moski's hovering at my doorstep should be aware of th fate that awaits them as they attempt entering our home. My mom has all possible repellents available in th market awaiting them. And I, find it easier to slap these things instead. Save money and in th process Save th ozone.

Thats when our Hero~ th mosq coil come in picture.. This is th kinda item that you dont remember after youve burned.. I mean, its like set it on fire and ur free for th rest of th night! (these buggers come out only after th sun's gone home).

Product decription~
Name~ MalingZ mosqi Coil

Purpose~ to kick ass~ th tiny ass that is

Pro's~ its less harmful to th ozone layer and u can light it up n forget it. portable.

Con's~ many people hate th smell of it and it makes th room yucky. asthma patients (coff coff)

Other uses~ it can be used to light crackers-when you cant find an incense stick(whc is also used for prayers), to light up ciggie's, beedi's, etc., (and a small note of warning- smoking is worse than moskis)

Yeah, so now, all you have to do is to drag a coil out of th pack, and light it up. and then sit back and watch th action. If you observe close enough and if you have th GIFT, you can see th smoke infiltrating th lungs of these small beings, you can see them gasping for air. the smoke and fumes caressing their lungs and breath.

But there's this little dogG at home, known as Rocky th Rockstar~ who doesnt mind these moski's. He seems adept at killing the, somehow. and he even eats them up at moments. I reckon he finds it a pretty fun activity to engage in and a marvelous snack?!. Well, thats 1 sentiment the rest of us dont share.

And well again, if ur thinking why did i spend so much time rattling about these small beings, which are pretty much insignificant (well, they cause dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc), might i remind you that you've been wasting similar amount of energy and time reading this post

*heh heh heh*..

Adios till then, there's a moski hovering right above my head...

Monday, January 12, 2009

the night owl visits..

Im on my bloggin spree.. blame me being unemployed for al this.. with th recession thingie goin on.. *though honestly i dont know what th heck IS goin on*.. all i know is i need a job real soon or otherwise., im gona.. gona.. do nothing actually.. *see, this recession is doin my already tortured brain no good*

a fren of mine dropped by an hour back.. Naresh.. ive known him for th past.. umm.. wait... 10 years *whoa!~ i just counted that*. we've known each other ryte from school. And i must add, he's definately transformed a lots! With his..

  1. killer looks

  2. macho~ismo (he claims so.. and i can vouch for it)

  3. his ever cool stories bout MOS
  4. his funny 1 liners

  5. his hair! haha..

  6. and finally, he is never ever ever punctual.. if he says i'l be thr at 9, th whole lot of us know its 11.. yeah thats how punctual he is..

Coming back to his visit an hour back.. he said something that i dont think i'l ever forget.. he decided to agonize me by telling me his long 104th day of his love life *yesh! i know.. even i cant believe guys keep track of al these dates* n i had to exclaim it's soooo sweet n she's freakin lucky evry 5 minutes to cover up the fact that i was green with envy. n thank th malfunctioning street light which blinks more than a chick tryin to flirt, i cud hide th jealousy

Beyond al that he told me somethin *yeah th something ive been rattling about from th start*
"when you're in love, you've got to show th other person that you love him/her. Problems crop up when you dont show it"

Its something that touched a chord wif me. With my other 1/2 living thousands of km's away. all the way in bangalore. and i cant connect with him as much i would love to cuz of these evil things called telecoms.. i strongly believe they wake up everyday n pray for single's all arnd th world to fall in love.. phew! the exorbitant amount of money 1 has to shell out for an international call..
i BELIVE they'v struck a deal with th guy up there in th clouds..

BUT, there exist this sweet little thing called th internet =) whc has its share of pro's n con's.

The GooD

  1. one gets to 'connect' at a CHEAPER cost. screw you phone companies.. th net is here to save us al..

  2. you get to save th conversations ur having.. n re-read it for th hundreth time..

  3. these awesome things called 'yahoo messenger', 'msn', gtalk, skype, 'irc', 'jabber' and the likes of it..
  4. one gets to talk to people theyve never met in life and will never meet and travel to places they'l never travel (albeit from th comp screen)

  5. and you get to complain to total strangers and get adviced by them as they offer totally unbiased suggestions..

The BaD

  1. There are mad MAD people out there.. people who think it's cool to stalk others.
  2. There also are people who think they own you and advice you on every damn thing
  3. There are people who decide that since you are online you owe your life to them and you WILL have to reply them. And if you dont they sulk. throw tantrums. cut al connexions' wif you. For al you know. i mite be curled up on th floor having appendicitis.

The Ugly

  1. you get frauded by credit card companies.

  2. you get spammed by all these companies who rejoice in you wading through th flood in your mailbox

  3. GIRLs, get raped~yeah, these stalkers can do that.. And GUYs, get stalked by underaged girls who think its cool to follow th guy to every chat room he is visiting.

AH! like all technological advances, the NET has its share of catches!

Uff.. i perhaps should go get connected to my loved 1.. which was why i logged in at the first place.. But then Again..