Thursday, March 21, 2013


what we label them

They build our walls,
They lay our floors,
They make our houses,
Is that why,
We shove them away?
Or trample all over them?

How do you label yourself,
To be superior to them?

Only because your ancestors,
Were blind enough,
To label themselves so?
What have you done?
That you put yourself,
On a higher pedestal?

You smirch your home,
She scours it.

You fling your dirt around,
She pick it up.

You're a foolish, bigoted,
She accepts & respects you,

How are you better?
Compared to her?

How did you decide?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Head over heels,
He wooed her,
He set her heart aflutter,
He convinced her,
He was the best for her.

She fell for him,
She accepted him,
As half of her,
He owned her heart,

Then came a day,
He said,
Give me a million,
For otherwise,
I cant accept you legally.

It was ransom,
Kidnap of trust,
Breach of love,
She offered him none.

But she said,
To hell with you,
I'm a free person,
Never will I pay,
To be your