Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A post from a Step

I had sat down to write bout something that happened today but after reading a note by my darling step, everything else flew out of my head. A very beautiful prose written by her. Ive taken the liberty of posting it here :-) 
( I'm loving the lines and the emotions so darn much!)

Things that never fail to bring a smile to my face?
well, they ain't always diamonds and gold, you know....
(No girl will ever deny the different kinda happiness those things raise :p)
But to me,it's more the memories with YOU guys that I reverently hold!
To others it's just another old and rusty affair,
But to me, it's like a pirate's treasure collection
A poignant letter,
an antiquated conversation,
And on a rainy day, these keep my spirit strong..
For I realise Life never does remain just a 'hop, skip and jump',
so often we're considered noble, and the next thing u know, we land up down in the dumps :)
Mamie, steps n me :)
Riya Palchaudhuri

Monday, July 25, 2011

You learnt something, na?

I have a friend, very dear to me, whom i almost always turn to when i'm down or when I've screwed up. She's almost always the first person i call when i'm upset or in a soup ( I call her when i'm happy too btw ;-) )
She has her way of always making things better. She doesn't say much (but she always says a lot!), she listens to me rant off my case and then when i say Palc? (for reassurance,) she says ' Its okay, at least you learnt something from it na'. 

She has said it for every screw up i've made. She said it, when i spent Rs2000 over something utterly hopeless, when I was heartbroken over someone, when i figured i had lost my 300 pounds, when i missed my flight from Bangalore to Malaysia. Oh well, she says it for everything!

At first, i did feel like strangling her, but over time, I've called her up just to hear those words. It allows me to be at peace with myself and to forgive myself. Its like those magical words have an attached calmness to it.

Sometimes, you need to just let it be and have someone to tell you 'Its okay, at least you learnt something from it na'.

I'm glad i found mine. A good cup of hot chocolate along with a phone call to RiyaPalchaudhuri can solve all my heartaches! 

P/s - The copyright belongs to her dad though. Uncle says it to her every other day (she's like me, we screw up quite often ;-) )

So, here's a big thank you to Sr.Palc and to Jr.Palc . I love ya'll!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mashed Potato :-)

 There is something very comforting, about Mashed Potatoes. The creamy, utterly  buttery smell wafts into you, the gorgeous golden colour that invited you to have a bite, the absolutely soft potatoes that remind you why its comfort food!

Ive always loved mashed potatoes and KFC has been profiting from its mashed potatoes and cheesy Wedges, with me as the single most loyal customer (at least where potatoes are concerned).

Was very hungry and the image of perfectly mashed creamy potatoes wafted into my mind. Off to the kitchen and made some yummm mashed potato :D
it isnt really rocket science and its probably the simplest recipe known to mankind!

Ingredients :

1 Russet/baking potato (# depending on how hungry you really are)
4 tbsp Milk
Dollop of Mayonnaise 

Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Pepper
Pinch of Nutmeg Powder


1. Cut the potato into small cubes and bring to boil over medium flame
2. It takes approximately 20 minutes. Drain the water once the potatoes are soft.
3. Use a potato masher and mash the potatoes. Add milk as you you mash the potatoes.
4. Add salt , pepper and sprinkle nutmeg powder as you mash and till you like how it does taste.
5. For the final sinful touch, add a dollop of mayonnaise and whip it around.

Dig In!!!
*For extra sinful additions, you can add a 1 tsp butter
** Add colors by mashing carrot or anything else that you fancy
*** The Nutmeg powder is the King Queen of the Dish ;-) 
-King has to be the Potatoes of course :-p)

Either ways, have a yummy meal :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Obsess You

Poems certainly do have a way of allowing the poet to say what he/she wants without revealing anything to the world.

You can read a poem a 100 times and interpret it a 100 different ways. Not many like reading poems on the other hand, simply because at the end of it, you don't know what happened ;-)

But everyone, is rendered a poet at one point or the other, in the journey of life. Often beaten to pulp, poem offers solace, or when a broken heart needs a balm, what better outlet than to string harsh words without sounding like a loser? ;-) Or when you're in love and too shy to say it out, the poem does wonders -you can always deny by saying misinterpretation if caught in a sticky spot ;-)

I'm no different ;-), i Love poems for all the reasons, and for no reason.


The crazy mind,
Has a mind of its own,
Its on its way,
to an enchanting pathway,
Devoid of instructions.

The darkness is bewitching,
I can neither stop myself,
From drowning further,
Nor allow my mind to be engulfed,
By the bewitching darkness.

As i step in deeper,
My heart flutters,
And beats crazy,
Forcing a breath after the other.

The charmed eyes,
Is hungry for more,
It looks for your charm,
Through the colossal web.

All this noise around us,
Makes me wish i had your hand in mine,
Ignoring all the delirium around us,
With the haunting melody you make.

My feet taps, 
When you sing,
My desire heightens, 
When i catch your bewitched tunes.

My lips quiver at your mention,
The intemperance is bewildering.

I sometimes wish,
Silence was as bewitching as the darkness.

This bewitched mind is on its way to you,
In the bewitched darkness.

Any songster reading this wanting to turn it into a Song, Please pay me royalty ;-)

Nite Ya'll and Nite Love!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 1

Aah, like all good things , this too has to come to an end.

The Post for today is of one Picture, of myself.

Clicked this at an album launch event today.

It doesnt look like me, but its the latest of me :-D

I'm terribly sleepy today, so a pretty much wordless post ;-)

cheers ~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 2

Almost reaching the end of the 10 day post i started sometime ago. Post for #2 is 2 songs. Like seriously? You mean you didnt misplace an extra 0 or two? If i was asked to choose my favorite songs id go on for days. I love songs and there's always a song playing in the background (well, almost always).

Even if i was asked to name my favorite musicians id have at least 20 in my list! So 2 songs? Only? Well, i'll try and stick to the rules and  here goes,

1. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
- Yes you bleed just to know youre alive.

2. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Freedie Mercury!!!

Unfair for me to not post anything in Tamil , so i'll post 2 songs in Tamil too 
Rules are meant to be broken anyway ;-)

1. Pon Maalai Pozhutu - Nizhalgal
vairamuthu +ilayaraja +SPB = Magic!

2. Ethuku Pondati - Kizhakku Cheemayile
This song honestly wouldn't feature in many best song lists ;-) but it never fails to cheer me up and im currently listening to it, so its my favorite alright

The list is really a never ending one and i'd go on forever listing out songs i love, but well i'll stop here :-)

Cheers !

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 3

A continuation to the post i started  here. Its totally unfair expecting a part-time couch potato like me to choose only 3 movies Crime against all couch potatoes! Expecting me to choose 3 out of the gazillion movies is like sending a wildlife photographer to Kenya for a week and telling that it can only click 3 photos. Or a kid to toys 'r' us and telling that it can only pick one toy out of the millions in display. Or sending my Big Anne to Belgium and telling him he can eat only ONE chocolate piece ;-)
Its that difficult! ;-p

I love watching movies, i cant analyse them, (and neither am I an expert in the field) i more often then not watch them for the entertainment value (i like my movies to have humor, romance and well it should be engaging- i hate and absolutely abhor gory and horror movies, Yuck!)

Im picking out movies which i loved and movies that i can watch over and over again, and those from which i feel i could take away something. I will try and keep the list to 3.

1. Kannathil Muthamittal
I was blown away the first time i watched it.
I though Madhavan and Simran looked perfect the 2nd time i watched it
I fell in love with the mature portrayal and sensitive theme of the movie the third time.
I always find something new to like about this movie every-time i watch it.
I like the SriLankan backdrop, the dialogues  are any Tamil aficionado's delight! 

2. Shawshank Redemption
This is one movie that will feature on almost everyone's list. Human spirit at its best. The movie inspired me, and took me to places i never did imagine it would. I think of the movie when im unreasonably pessimistic. I went wow the first time i watched it, and i'd go WOW all over again now.
“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies” 

3. The GodFather
I fell in love with AlPacino the day i watched Godfather. Beyond that, perfect acting by Marlon Brando. He'd win hands down if there was a competition between greatest actors of all time. There's something about mafia's which excite me. Italian mafiaso's their family, the hierarchy, the honour code, the friendship and the richness of the movie. I devoured all the books (by Puzo) afterwards. Couldnt get enough of the Godfather, afterall, Vito corleone made me an offer I could not refuse ;-)
And oh, the theme music, completely out of the world!

Schlinder's List comes in close with Godfather. Brilliant Movie! Watch!!!

And so as to promote local movie, i'd choose Appalam (Malaysian Tamil movie) to be the first (M T M) i enjoyed! Funny and restrained performance! Afdlin 
Shauki, you are an awesome

And Talentime, by the Late Yasmin Ahmad, is one movie you've got to watch. You'll be able to find it on YouTube.. Its sensitive, smart and a feel good movie!

I know ive exceeded by three extra's but to my defense i did number only 3 ;-)

Let me know what are you're Favorites! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 4

Yay Books! I've loved books for as long as i can remember. My dad loves books and big bro and i caught it from him. My mom on the other hand, not too big of a book fan, my 2nd brother takes after her. 

We used to make a lot of road-trips as we grew up. My dad always made sure we brought enough books to last the entire trip. The Habit stuck and i cannot sit idle without reading.

The first thing most of my classmates in Bangalore remember about me was me with my Godfather book for half a month. A carried it everywhere i went. I buried my head in it when i couldnt understand what they were saying ( too much Hindi for my own good :-p) or when i was too lazy to indulge in their Question&Answer sessions ( It always started with Are you Malaysian? and Ended with why did you come to India? - i Still groan at that thought!)

Bangalore is close to heart for many reason and books for one major chunk of it. I found books everywhere in Bangalore. Outside the restaurants, on the pavements, in the city centre, outside the Pubs, huge 2nd hand bookstores and Blossoms!

I love my books and i never sell or give them away. We have a library at home and simply staring at those books give me joy and peace. Books, as i read somewhere, are indeed the best of decorations!

If i was asked to suggest books, these will be my list (but seriously, 4 only?!)

1. To Kill a Mockingbird , Harper Lee
The book is about right vs wrong, black vs white. The white was never implied as right nor the black as wrong. Atticus Finch as the father, is my favorite Character ever. He had a firm head on his shoulder and doled out words of wisdom without sounding preachy even once! A must read!

2. Roots , Alex Haley
One of the First ultra thick books i read. It took me 3 weeks to complete this one. I was working in Nando's during that period and i carried the book to work everyday. I'd read during break, while waiting for the bus and when i had free time at home. I was a social outcast for 3 weeks ;-)
The book is about an American-African who has traced his family lineage back to 18th century. Kunta Kinte and how he was brought into America as a slave. A very engrossing tale.

3. Shantaram , Gregory David Roberts
Thick book alert once again. A lovely book with millions of quotable lines. Ive always wanted to visit Mumbai and after reading this book, the desire has increased by bounds and leaps. I want to go to Leopolds Beer Bar and hangout at Colaba. The book had its lull somewhere in the middle, but it doesn't hamper one, instead it only makes you want to read faster and know what happens!

4. A Thousand Splendid Suns , Khaled Hosseini
I cried reading this one. I read this much before reading Kite Runner and at a time where i didn't know who Khaled Hosseini was. The story was so real and the writing so true. You can almost imagine the faces and the scars. You will definitely put yourself in Laila and Mariam's shoes and you cry with them when they are in despair.

My 4 favourite books indeed. There are many many many more but i shall stick with four :)
I somehow love thick books (with fine print of course) because they let me indulge in the story longer!

Do comment and let me know what your 4 favorite books are!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 5

This has to be my favorite post in the entire challenge series. Ive more often then not been told im too much of a foodie for my own good.

There was a time in Bangalore, when i thought of food as the only entertainment factor. It was something that i looked forward to everyday. I wasn't the only one though, i had a couple of friends with me. We'd plan and plan and plan on where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. We were blessed with diverse cultured (read - Multiple cuisines)

During the final year of college i pretty much had a fixed schedule of Breakfast,  Lunch, Teatime, Snacks And Dinner. What may come, i was sure i'd have all my meals. Breakfast from the Window mess (All transaction were done through the window, without needing to step out of our hostel) or Polytech canteen. We had Andhra Mess and Oriyya Mess vying for attention during Lunch. Occasionally the Rolls Shop. Dinner would be Razzmatazz or the Briyani Shop. When it would turn routine, i'd simply gather my nutty bunch of friends and we'd go on a hunt for new food joints and discover one every week.

The habit stuck with me even after i got back home. I know more food joints then anything else now.

For a person who can gawk at food pictures for hours (Hema Ramasamy's Food Album is one of my favorites), and read recipe's and be transported to the yummy world of food, choosing 6 is a task ;-)

In no particular order, i'd try and list my 6 favorite food items (i'll avoid Rasam+rice+anchovies, Cupcakes and Pani Puri's, as ive already raved about 'em earlier!)

1. Tom Yum - 
True to how it sounds, it is YUMMY! and my all time favorite food. Sweet, Spicy (real hot), Sour with strong flavors of lime leaves, lemongrass and coconut milk. Its Orangish-Red in colour. My mouth starts watering at the mere mention of TomYum. Its available worldwide now but you havent had TomYum till you've had it in Thailand. 

2. Oriyya Mess Chicken Meal.
I cant remember if it was the food or the ambiance (a single wooden table with a wooden bench under a shady tree) or the crowd there made me fall in love with the place. The chicken meal there was a hit with everyone i knew. A meal with n-number of roti's, a bowl of rice, dhal, vegetable of the day and thick chicken curry, nothing unique to shout about you may say, but one bite there, and you'd be hooked ;-)
 Oriyya Mess, MSR Nagar, Bangalore

3. Hot and Crunchy Jalebi's
I was never a fan of sweets before going to India. I used to be treated like a social outcast for a bit, for refusing sweets. The first sweet i probably had in Bangalore was Gulab Jamun and my love foor anything sweet started then ;-)
but nothing does beat freshly fried Jalebis dunked into the diabetes inducing sugar syrup. Its hot, crunch and melts in your mouth.. aaaah Heaven!
*tips - Have it by the roadside, Wok to Mouth, its yummiest then! 

Jalebi's! *slurp*

4. Sushi
Sushi too was something i hated. Even before i knew how it tasted like. I cant remember why, but im guessing i didnt like seaweed and raw fish. I had Sushi for the first time in Singapore, on a trip with my ex-boss. The Wasabi in Soy Sauce hit me like a wave. Bazoiink and my love for Sushi started at that very moment. Anyone interested in having Sushi, gimme a buzz, i'll take you to my favorite joint :-)

5. Nando's 1/4 chicken (Extra Hot) with Coleslaw and Peri Chips :)
I used to work at a Nando's Outlet after my Foundation (equivalent to A-Levels) I dont remember dreading work because of the yummy food and fun colleagues i had. The flavor isnt the same now (I used to grill my own chicken then, and in the process dunk the 1/4 into the extra hot basting sauce and then grilling it, Yum!! and exxxxxtra hot, right up to the bone). And i only like the drumstick part :-)
But Nando's has always been my fallback when in Doubt!

xtra hot with Coleslaw and  PeriChips :-)

6. New Year Annathanam (Free food)  in the Andalas Temple ;-)
There's something very special about temple food. I never does taste bad. Ever. The Andalas Mariamman Temple i go to every Friday and on festive days is no exception. Every year on the 1st of January, a special annathanam is given, the menu remains unchanged, year after year (Rice + Pumpkin perattal + Dhal Curry + Long Beans Perattal + Panjamirtham) but yummy doesnt start describing the taste. Do come over on the 1st of January for lunch ;-)

SO, those are the 6 that come to mind instantly when i think of favorite food! but the list is non-exhaustive really. 

That being said i do hate a few dishes that i was unfortunate enough to try 
;-p. Blood Sausage takes crown in that case. Yuck!

See ya'll Soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 6

A discontinuation from a tag i started couple of days ago. There's just something about me, that prevents me from doing anything continuously! But im trying to see through that i complete the tag ;-)

The tag for today is six places. Quite difficult considering i would like to go backpacking around the world. I would avoid the extremely cold places like plaque though.

Many a times, ive seen a postcard, poster, or picture of a place and immediately made a mental note, to note down in actual Paper.Those are places i'd want my feet to take me, before i kick the bucket.

And then there are places, which are very close to heart. Places that are cherished in my mind, and places which have made me the person i am.

And there are some places, however much you try and forget them, they stick with you, right till your very last breath, some not so pleasant,some so painful that you rather pop a pill to erase all memories.

1 . Klang, Malaysia
I take pride in telling people i am from Klang. I know they'll scrunch their faces up and ask 'KLANG?' - Yeah Dude, we're like Somalia gone wrong-Not!
I grew up here, and its a place i call home.

Klang may not have beaches, but we have the Klang River ;-)
It may not have Mount Kinabalu, but we have Taman Rakyat -Home to exotic species of early morning joggers ;-)

Neither do we have tax free booze, but we have Kari Bala :-p (if you dont know Kari Bala, you're clearly not from Klang-Google him)

2. Bangalore, India
A place i call my second home. I learnt almost all my survival and entertainment tips there. Many First(s) happened there. All the clubbing and all the midnight ramblings. And I met 2 of my best friends here.
My hostel Room, where most of the brilliant ideas of mine emerged, the famous Sprite Neat by Niki, the 3am politics discussions, poverty and hunger eradication talks, my struggle to study with my bed almost always winning the battle, tears, joy and everything! So close to heart.

Krishna Block #39, Bangalore

3. Krabi, Thailand
I love beaches, no matter how dirty or dangerous they maybe. There's a charm surrounding the vast amounts of water, sand beds till the end of land, the salty rough air, the way the sun sets into the sea and the moon rises into the sky coupled with the sound of waves crashing.
But Krabi was simply like Paradise. The crystal blue water, the rainbow colored fishes and Food Galore!!
Youve to go to Krabi to believe the pictures! Its GORGEOUS!

 Aonang Beach, Krabi

Krabi, Island Hopping

4.  United Kingdom.
Ive heard people raving about the UK after returning from it and always thought to myself, yeah, yuppies :-p
But Uk does captivate you from the very moment you set your eyes on her!
Its beautiful, it has an air or calmness, probably from the chill air or the laid-back attitude, the gorgeous tulips that bloom on the onset of spring, majestic castles and churches, the ruins of forts, the beautiful green gardens or the tea and scones ;-)

Was also thoroughly impressed by the public transportation and i couldn't stop raving about the Uk when i got back home ;-)

Clicked at Scarborough Castle, Scarborough

5. Pani puri stalls :D
 I love pani puri's and i can eat pani puris any time of the day and as im typing this my mouth water. very  very bad, because i dont get Pani Puri's here!

A very standard PaniPuri stall, on the roads of India :-)

6.Sri Lanka,
A country I definitely will visit at the first opportunity. I have charted out places i would go to (Nuwara Eliya , Devon waterfalls, Dambulla Cave temple, Tanggalle and Galle beach, Elephant orphanage are a few of them), food that i MUST try, toddy, Ceylon tea in Ceylon and a huge array of other activities (includes meeting Lasith Malinga and professing my love ;-) )
I havent figured out how to attach video's to my posts, so dont be lazy, go on and click the link below!
Sri Lanka Tourism
Now, only if the war and brutality stops!


Done! and tomorrow shall be food!!! :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 7

A continuation from the 10 Day Challenge I started a couple of days back.

The challenge for today is to post 7 wants , which is simple and not at the same time. Simply because 7 wants is too small a number for the number of things i want.

I'll try keeping it simple and light and stick to seven.And i'll stick to those that are pretty much  realistic, which means i'll have to omit the Fountain of Youth (damn!) , Mountain of the Moons (double damn!) and Narnia. These are the few places i WANT to go to. Gah!!!!

For those who dont know the above, kindly ask Google Mama. 
Mountain of the Moon's, send me the map to you Please. (Wait a second, Maps confuse me, just send me the spaceship) 

I want to be able to sing like KJ Yesudas. No no, i have no interest of sounding like a man, but i would like to sound as heavenly as he does. Even if he yells his head off like half the black metal guys, he'll sound good!

I want to be able to take 4 holidays in a year. Each holiday in each Season, lasting 7 days each should be good enough :-)

I want to learn Salsa, thus i Need to go to South America ;-) . And Kathak , so i shall go to India. ;-)

I want to rewind time, back to my college days and have just a single night back again, in my Hostel Room K39. A place that wasnt merely a room, it was to quote someone ' an extension of my mind'. It certainly didnt feel like a room, it was, is and will always be a part of me. The noise, the bottle curtain, the posters, the friends, the stove, the desk, the books, the myriad emotions my room has seen. I want my hostel room back, even if its just for a day. ( I will simply sit in it and think of the 3 years and cry and then smile, so no harm is being done ;-) )

I want to practice Yoga, religiously. I know most of the asanas, i'm simply too much of a bum to get moving. My dad does Yoga twice a day and he's much more fit then I am, :-p

I want to be Happy, and i want those around me to be happy. I dont mind being called a Yuppie, as long as i know im Happy (What a yuppie rhyme that was :-p)

I want people to leave comments on my blog Posts ;-) . Simply because it feels very very nice! :-)

There goes my 7 wants :)

All of 'em are achievable, with a little extra effort ;-)
Effort from me and effort from you ;-)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 8

This post is a continuation from  10 Day Challenge post which started here

Post for the 3rd day is supposed to be on Eight fears. I am apprehensive about a number of things, but fear, i'm not too sure.

I thought and thought, i started on the 2nd of July and its 5th July now , and i'm still thinking ;-)

(TO be honest i was away writing a few Scientific articles and attending slew of Weddings, I Love weddings by the way :-) )

Anyhow, im guessing its never to late to resume with my 8 fears, even if i cant think of anything ;-)

Fear, as per Wikipedia's description (i rely on Wikipedia a lot, sometimes i aimlessly and randomly read articles on Wikipedia till i sleep off ;-) )  

-Fear from the Greek: φόβος,phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear", is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat

So, that's what fear means really and yet for the love of me cant think of anything i Fear.

Yes, i Hate the very sight of Rats and i'm Afraid it'll jump on me and bite me and int the process give me Leptospirosis.

Im also afraid of getting too near fishy looking stationary things because, im afraid it'll suddenly come to life and lunge at me thereby murdering me.

I used to be afraid of my dad shutting the sliding door at 8pm, because if he did, somebody was going to get Hurt ;-) And often we didn't know which one of the 3. We were equal devils as kids

Im also afraid that i'd live a Boring life or allow myself to become a creature of habit and accept boring-ness into life :-p

In college i was afraid of a lecturer in 1st year, she hated me (and made me cry..grrrr) ,2nd year on-wards, i couldn't bother greeting her.

I get very very very scared when Rocky gets hurt. I start panicking and i repeat questions about him over and over again. He was recently bitten by a stray (or maybe a Gang of them, evil ones!!) i dont dare dress his wounds or apply medication on his wounds, that task has been skillfully handled by my Dad. On the contrary, if im hurt, i wouldn't even go as far as applying eusol or iodine on em. Tough me :-p

Im afraid of falling sick. Every-time i'm down with illness, i cry and i think i will never recover from this :-p

My stomach does somersaults every-time someone says ' We need to Talk' . Automatically all the danger cue music ever existed in the history of cinema starts playing. 

Im afraid of men on motorbikes coming too close when im carrying my bag. I clutch on it hard,  and start praying for my dear life while have series of probable events going through my mind (always being, robbed- pushed- hit my head on the road- bleed to death)

Well, i scrolled up and i saw so many lines, i'm too lazy to count, so if its lesser than 8, of well and if its more, oh well too.

Now that you see that I Fear anything , you can proudly declare me a Fearless *
(I'm not allowed to swear in Public, for fear of corrupting young minds, so can guess what the * is) 

The next post is about 7 wants, now, that is very easy :)

See ya'll tomorrow !


Edited after popular request :-p

1. i Fear rejection - i need to be needed
2. i Fear Failure - i dont start anything before being a 100% sure i'll kick-ass at it ;-)

I'm not a Fearless * after-all. Damn!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 9

This post is a continuation from Yesterdays 10 Secrets. First off, thanks to those who read ( I know you did! haa! :-p) and thanks to those commented on FB :-)

So, well today's post is about 9 Loves . 9 Only? I'm sure I've got more than 9 , and what kind of loves here? People? Food? Books? Movies? Jobs? Oh well, i could go on categorizing but 9's the number, and here it starts. Ive added a few photos' to aid explanation ;-)

With no Particular order, 

9. I love food. I can eat eat and never get tired of eating. White Rice + Rasam + Anchovies sambal can cheer up the gloomiest of all gloomy days for me

8. My parents, I love my parents and i get very worried when they come home late :-p , i love the way they've brought us siblings up, i love them for all the love i've been showered with and i  love them because they are the coolest in my eyes!

7. Cake's, muffins, cupcakes (with Pretty and Yummy frosting/Icing). I cannot walk past prettily decorated Cupcakes without stopping to buy them!! Bijoux has thus far given me the best cupcake, Ever!

6. You would find me lugging at least one book, everywhere i go. I read quite alot and i cannot sit quietly for more than a few minutes without reading anything. Books are one of the many reasons why i love Bangalore. Ive even resorted to reading menu cards due to extreme boredom.

5. My brothers. Despite our love hate relationship, and all the fights we've had, almost murdering each other, i love them and i know they'd bash up anyone trying to act funny with me :-)

And My younger brother, Rocky :-)

4. I ran away from home once, when i was 8 (or) 9 years old, I got as far as the bus stop some 200 m's from home. As I sat there, planning my life thereafter - I had Rm300 in my piggy bank, so that should cover the rent, I had a few clothing's to last me some days, and I had seen a kid working in a restaurant a couple of days before that, so employment was covered, BUT, i realized i would not have my Appa to make MILO for me in the mornings!!!! I returned home promptly ;-)

3. My Love(s). There are so many people whom i love and absolutely cannot do without. I have an urge to phone them up (i always end up doin that) when something happens, and i know they will be there for me :-)
Ive taken the liberty to name 2. Both whom i met in Ramaiah, the Awesome 3 years!

2. I love photography. I am not so good with clicking but i can admire photo's all day long and half my time spent in Fb is on stalking other's photos. And I LOVE being clicked! Anyone in my near vicinity with a camera will testify to that ;-)
And just to contradict everything, i shall leave this one Picture-less ;-)

1. Arvinswamy. He was my first crush and first love, for a very very very long time. I still love him despite the fact that he doesnt look like arvinswamy these days ;-)