Friday, July 1, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 9

This post is a continuation from Yesterdays 10 Secrets. First off, thanks to those who read ( I know you did! haa! :-p) and thanks to those commented on FB :-)

So, well today's post is about 9 Loves . 9 Only? I'm sure I've got more than 9 , and what kind of loves here? People? Food? Books? Movies? Jobs? Oh well, i could go on categorizing but 9's the number, and here it starts. Ive added a few photos' to aid explanation ;-)

With no Particular order, 

9. I love food. I can eat eat and never get tired of eating. White Rice + Rasam + Anchovies sambal can cheer up the gloomiest of all gloomy days for me

8. My parents, I love my parents and i get very worried when they come home late :-p , i love the way they've brought us siblings up, i love them for all the love i've been showered with and i  love them because they are the coolest in my eyes!

7. Cake's, muffins, cupcakes (with Pretty and Yummy frosting/Icing). I cannot walk past prettily decorated Cupcakes without stopping to buy them!! Bijoux has thus far given me the best cupcake, Ever!

6. You would find me lugging at least one book, everywhere i go. I read quite alot and i cannot sit quietly for more than a few minutes without reading anything. Books are one of the many reasons why i love Bangalore. Ive even resorted to reading menu cards due to extreme boredom.

5. My brothers. Despite our love hate relationship, and all the fights we've had, almost murdering each other, i love them and i know they'd bash up anyone trying to act funny with me :-)

And My younger brother, Rocky :-)

4. I ran away from home once, when i was 8 (or) 9 years old, I got as far as the bus stop some 200 m's from home. As I sat there, planning my life thereafter - I had Rm300 in my piggy bank, so that should cover the rent, I had a few clothing's to last me some days, and I had seen a kid working in a restaurant a couple of days before that, so employment was covered, BUT, i realized i would not have my Appa to make MILO for me in the mornings!!!! I returned home promptly ;-)

3. My Love(s). There are so many people whom i love and absolutely cannot do without. I have an urge to phone them up (i always end up doin that) when something happens, and i know they will be there for me :-)
Ive taken the liberty to name 2. Both whom i met in Ramaiah, the Awesome 3 years!

2. I love photography. I am not so good with clicking but i can admire photo's all day long and half my time spent in Fb is on stalking other's photos. And I LOVE being clicked! Anyone in my near vicinity with a camera will testify to that ;-)
And just to contradict everything, i shall leave this one Picture-less ;-)

1. Arvinswamy. He was my first crush and first love, for a very very very long time. I still love him despite the fact that he doesnt look like arvinswamy these days ;-)


  1. nyz 1.. i was laughin my herat out when i read ur 1st love.. remembered d way we were crazy to go to andhta or oriya mess, den breakfasts of idli chutney n coffee n also our picnic tyms.. ohhh i juz misss dem all n after so much of laughin i got knots in my throat.. ehammm(sry clearing it so dat i can continue writting).. d pics of ur parentz n pic wid ur bro is veryyyyyyyyyyy nyz....odr pics i've seen dem already..:) n i also remembered how i rolled on floor while listening to ur milo storez wid ur bros n how it brought back to ur home:D:D if milo ever conduct a survey what milo did to people i guess u shld write dem n u'll definately be ranked as der bestestt fann.. dey might even change der tag lyn to "give ur kid milo he/she will never think of leaving house":D is it becomingg toooo long.. okies i'll conclude it here wid dis lyn.. though i knew ur all 9 luvs but reading dem again was a delight..

  2. Steps......ok, i am at work. and reading your blog for quite sometime. i feel as if u r so near. it is a wonderful feeling indeed. yes, i am always there for u. please don't unlove me ever!
    i remembered u typing in that husbys shop (as soon as u entered krishna block, the internet shop, din we call it the husbys shop?) i pictured how u would possibly be sitting and typing out this blog and had the biggest urge to hug u tight! love u pandi! immensely!


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