Monday, July 25, 2011

You learnt something, na?

I have a friend, very dear to me, whom i almost always turn to when i'm down or when I've screwed up. She's almost always the first person i call when i'm upset or in a soup ( I call her when i'm happy too btw ;-) )
She has her way of always making things better. She doesn't say much (but she always says a lot!), she listens to me rant off my case and then when i say Palc? (for reassurance,) she says ' Its okay, at least you learnt something from it na'. 

She has said it for every screw up i've made. She said it, when i spent Rs2000 over something utterly hopeless, when I was heartbroken over someone, when i figured i had lost my 300 pounds, when i missed my flight from Bangalore to Malaysia. Oh well, she says it for everything!

At first, i did feel like strangling her, but over time, I've called her up just to hear those words. It allows me to be at peace with myself and to forgive myself. Its like those magical words have an attached calmness to it.

Sometimes, you need to just let it be and have someone to tell you 'Its okay, at least you learnt something from it na'.

I'm glad i found mine. A good cup of hot chocolate along with a phone call to RiyaPalchaudhuri can solve all my heartaches! 

P/s - The copyright belongs to her dad though. Uncle says it to her every other day (she's like me, we screw up quite often ;-) )

So, here's a big thank you to Sr.Palc and to Jr.Palc . I love ya'll!


  1. Never had the chance to say this before; cheers to your friendship :) Sometimes all you need is someone with a patient ear. From all that I've heard and guessed, you're ready to lend one when Shanky needs it (I know how much she values that).Lots to learn from you and learn I will :)

  2. "I am a stepsy", edit ur blog la. :D
    Hugs to u stepsy, muaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! (1,smother u with kisses, 2. squeeze u in a bear hug and 3. talk stories with u. I wish i could do all these 3 things!)
    Small boy: :) :) Ilanosankariya is special to the 3 of us.

  3. its always nice to hear about a strong bond frenship. frenship's best part is dat ur fren has to listen to ur storez widout complainin(yes i agree equal to torture but dats d aura of frenship)..des complaints instead of making a person irritated makes him/her feel like... im glad she called me when she was overwhelmed wid emotions...


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