Saturday, July 16, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 3

A continuation to the post i started  here. Its totally unfair expecting a part-time couch potato like me to choose only 3 movies Crime against all couch potatoes! Expecting me to choose 3 out of the gazillion movies is like sending a wildlife photographer to Kenya for a week and telling that it can only click 3 photos. Or a kid to toys 'r' us and telling that it can only pick one toy out of the millions in display. Or sending my Big Anne to Belgium and telling him he can eat only ONE chocolate piece ;-)
Its that difficult! ;-p

I love watching movies, i cant analyse them, (and neither am I an expert in the field) i more often then not watch them for the entertainment value (i like my movies to have humor, romance and well it should be engaging- i hate and absolutely abhor gory and horror movies, Yuck!)

Im picking out movies which i loved and movies that i can watch over and over again, and those from which i feel i could take away something. I will try and keep the list to 3.

1. Kannathil Muthamittal
I was blown away the first time i watched it.
I though Madhavan and Simran looked perfect the 2nd time i watched it
I fell in love with the mature portrayal and sensitive theme of the movie the third time.
I always find something new to like about this movie every-time i watch it.
I like the SriLankan backdrop, the dialogues  are any Tamil aficionado's delight! 

2. Shawshank Redemption
This is one movie that will feature on almost everyone's list. Human spirit at its best. The movie inspired me, and took me to places i never did imagine it would. I think of the movie when im unreasonably pessimistic. I went wow the first time i watched it, and i'd go WOW all over again now.
“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies” 

3. The GodFather
I fell in love with AlPacino the day i watched Godfather. Beyond that, perfect acting by Marlon Brando. He'd win hands down if there was a competition between greatest actors of all time. There's something about mafia's which excite me. Italian mafiaso's their family, the hierarchy, the honour code, the friendship and the richness of the movie. I devoured all the books (by Puzo) afterwards. Couldnt get enough of the Godfather, afterall, Vito corleone made me an offer I could not refuse ;-)
And oh, the theme music, completely out of the world!

Schlinder's List comes in close with Godfather. Brilliant Movie! Watch!!!

And so as to promote local movie, i'd choose Appalam (Malaysian Tamil movie) to be the first (M T M) i enjoyed! Funny and restrained performance! Afdlin 
Shauki, you are an awesome

And Talentime, by the Late Yasmin Ahmad, is one movie you've got to watch. You'll be able to find it on YouTube.. Its sensitive, smart and a feel good movie!

I know ive exceeded by three extra's but to my defense i did number only 3 ;-)

Let me know what are you're Favorites! 

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  1. 1. APPOCLYPTO can never ever forget dis movie.. it was sooooo damn gud.. n thnx to ravi n shiva bcoz of whome we clould watch dis muvi..

    2. chak de india.. a movie which cannot be xplained in the words.. the dialogues of this movie gave me goosebumps..ofcrs srk is d adding factor..

    3. sixth sense.. out of the world climax.. so damnnnn gud movie.. after watching the ending i cldnt believe how perfectly the story writer n director had made us believe the actor was not dead... kuddos to both of dem..


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