Monday, July 18, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 1

Aah, like all good things , this too has to come to an end.

The Post for today is of one Picture, of myself.

Clicked this at an album launch event today.

It doesnt look like me, but its the latest of me :-D

I'm terribly sleepy today, so a pretty much wordless post ;-)

cheers ~


  1. Step, i could not recognise u! Album Launch and all, fancy!

  2. aaahhh.. whoz she??? ur sister.. she luks a lotttt like u... u neva told us abt her:P:P

  3. @ riya, A local album launch :)
    Was fun :D

    @ niki, my twin sister.. Im th evil twin..

  4. yeah she luks innocent.. n her eyes luks bigger dn urs:D:D


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