Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my 2 weeks

It started off
as an uncertain plan,
It went on
To be further planned and;
Mulled over and;
Fretted over.

Arguments and irritation,
Smiles and laughter's,
Love and hatred,

It turned out,
to be a months wait,
A definite wait.

It passed by with hopes,
Making up,

Its down to two weeks,
And the 2 weeks
seems to crawl pass,
What happens then,
is still uncertain

But I for one, know
the lack of distance
And the proximity
Will set all doubts clear,
All curves straight,

Turn all tears into smiles,
All sorrow into joy
All heartbreak into butterflies

The best 2 weeks of my life,
For 4 weeks ;)

The wait,
makes the living,
worth every minute of its second ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Michael Jackson.

I have come to realise,
deep inside every magnificent performer,
there is a depression,
he's trying to mask.

Aint no other way how,
he could be so raw,
so, pure from the soul,
so, Fragile.


Sucks that i was 10 years old in 1996 and even more that im 24 now, but you aint around!

Cheers to the best performer i've seen/heard/grew up listening to!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'd say sorry to you,

Sorry for all the moments of uncertainty
Sorry for all the moments of doubts
sorry for putting you in a spot,
when i wasnt capable of footing the blame.

For ditching you,
for the exact uncertainty that i hated

For disrespecting you,
for the disrespect that im facing

For yelling at you,
for now, im being yelled at.

for not taking you seriously,
for now, im not even a Joke

for not realizing sooner,
That your words of
never finding someone te same,
Is well,

I'll never love you forever,
neither do i think of you,
but when i see you,
i am reminded of all ive gained
and nothing ive lost.