Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To do in Malaysia

 Of places i want to see and things i want to do!

Halo non existent people :) i know im writing this post for myself and as a safe note to dig up later when i have the opportunity to visit these places ( which i know isnt too long before i can :-) )

I'm a Malaysian and i love this place dearly, but ive not been to every state in this tiny country and that makes me sad :-/ but by the age of 30 i'll be able to proudly say i HAVE! Among the states ive not seen and things id like to do when in those states ;-)

1. Perlis -  The smallest state in Malaysia bordering Thailand

  • Stand at the Msia-Thailand Border and click a touristy picture :-D
  • visit the rice fields, go fishing in the rice fields 
  • visit the fishing jeti when the fishermen are coming back home with their day catch

2. Kedah - Rice Bowl State
Go to Lembah Bujang  and marvel at its remains-before they are further covered :( (Archaeological evidence found in Bujang Valley reveals that a HinduBuddhist kingdom ruled ancient Kedah possibly as early as 110 A.D - Wikipedia)

LANGKAWI - Beautiful beaches
  • Get a tattoo
  • Drink till dawn and continue till dusk and then Dawn @ Pantai Cenang
  • Rent a cycle for a whole day and travel for as far th body can
  • Visit the Telaga Tujuh Falls & hike up the hills
3. Kelantan
  • Eat Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu & Laksa Kelantan, 
  • Watch a wayang kulit performance & buy home wayang kulits
  • Fly kites in Pantai Cahaya Bulan
4. Pulau Pinang - BEEN THERE DONE THAT !! Woot~

5. Terengganu -
  • Pantai Kemasik - walk up the Rock Island
  • Watch sea turtles nestling in Rantau Abang
  • Dive in Perhentian Islands
6. Perak - Over a hundred times :D

7. Pahang - Covered almost all the others except ;
  • Go Camping in the National Park ( fish, hike , night walking safari, caving, tubing)
  • Count the stars in the National Park  
8. Selangor - Home state Yo!!

9. Kuala Lumpur - Done done done

10. Negeri Sembilan - neighboring state, been there, done almost all thats there, Almost;
  • River trekking in Jeram Berungut
11. Melaka - Done Done Done and Done again

12. Johor - Almost a Second home considering how many relatives lived/live there ! Even then, ive not been around the place as much as i should have. Despite that, i dont know what id like to do there either.. Hmmph

13. Sabah & Sarawak - Never been, not even to trespass. These islands are like a seperate country! so much to do! Snorkel, National Forests, Camping, Hike up Kinabalu, Dive, Eat, Drink, Long House stays, Hunting - Aaaah! 

Posting all this makes me crave for a Holiday :( 

Sailormoon, come back soon! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


what we label them

They build our walls,
They lay our floors,
They make our houses,
Is that why,
We shove them away?
Or trample all over them?

How do you label yourself,
To be superior to them?

Only because your ancestors,
Were blind enough,
To label themselves so?
What have you done?
That you put yourself,
On a higher pedestal?

You smirch your home,
She scours it.

You fling your dirt around,
She pick it up.

You're a foolish, bigoted,
She accepts & respects you,

How are you better?
Compared to her?

How did you decide?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Head over heels,
He wooed her,
He set her heart aflutter,
He convinced her,
He was the best for her.

She fell for him,
She accepted him,
As half of her,
He owned her heart,

Then came a day,
He said,
Give me a million,
For otherwise,
I cant accept you legally.

It was ransom,
Kidnap of trust,
Breach of love,
She offered him none.

But she said,
To hell with you,
I'm a free person,
Never will I pay,
To be your

Monday, February 4, 2013


Secrets, they are the deepest darkest down in you. That you can never share, even with the best of your best friends. Somethings, although not too terrible or horrendous are just not meant to be shared. sometimes, its because they are close to heart. Sometime, somethings are just to precious and virgin to be spoken about. Discussing it would strip it of its purity, dilute its intensity and at the end of the day no one will understand its significance the way you do.

Sometimes, a secret is best kept secret.

Till the graves claim it from memory.

Secrets. Beautiful secrets. Letting you smile from within.

At the thought that, only you know something, that the rest of the world doesn't.