Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To do in Malaysia

 Of places i want to see and things i want to do!

Halo non existent people :) i know im writing this post for myself and as a safe note to dig up later when i have the opportunity to visit these places ( which i know isnt too long before i can :-) )

I'm a Malaysian and i love this place dearly, but ive not been to every state in this tiny country and that makes me sad :-/ but by the age of 30 i'll be able to proudly say i HAVE! Among the states ive not seen and things id like to do when in those states ;-)

1. Perlis -  The smallest state in Malaysia bordering Thailand

  • Stand at the Msia-Thailand Border and click a touristy picture :-D
  • visit the rice fields, go fishing in the rice fields 
  • visit the fishing jeti when the fishermen are coming back home with their day catch

2. Kedah - Rice Bowl State
Go to Lembah Bujang  and marvel at its remains-before they are further covered :( (Archaeological evidence found in Bujang Valley reveals that a HinduBuddhist kingdom ruled ancient Kedah possibly as early as 110 A.D - Wikipedia)

LANGKAWI - Beautiful beaches
  • Get a tattoo
  • Drink till dawn and continue till dusk and then Dawn @ Pantai Cenang
  • Rent a cycle for a whole day and travel for as far th body can
  • Visit the Telaga Tujuh Falls & hike up the hills
3. Kelantan
  • Eat Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu & Laksa Kelantan, 
  • Watch a wayang kulit performance & buy home wayang kulits
  • Fly kites in Pantai Cahaya Bulan
4. Pulau Pinang - BEEN THERE DONE THAT !! Woot~

5. Terengganu -
  • Pantai Kemasik - walk up the Rock Island
  • Watch sea turtles nestling in Rantau Abang
  • Dive in Perhentian Islands
6. Perak - Over a hundred times :D

7. Pahang - Covered almost all the others except ;
  • Go Camping in the National Park ( fish, hike , night walking safari, caving, tubing)
  • Count the stars in the National Park  
8. Selangor - Home state Yo!!

9. Kuala Lumpur - Done done done

10. Negeri Sembilan - neighboring state, been there, done almost all thats there, Almost;
  • River trekking in Jeram Berungut
11. Melaka - Done Done Done and Done again

12. Johor - Almost a Second home considering how many relatives lived/live there ! Even then, ive not been around the place as much as i should have. Despite that, i dont know what id like to do there either.. Hmmph

13. Sabah & Sarawak - Never been, not even to trespass. These islands are like a seperate country! so much to do! Snorkel, National Forests, Camping, Hike up Kinabalu, Dive, Eat, Drink, Long House stays, Hunting - Aaaah! 

Posting all this makes me crave for a Holiday :( 

Sailormoon, come back soon! 

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