Friday, January 24, 2014

the ghost off my back

Growing up,
Facing my fears,
Accepting the past,
and letting bygones be bygones.

These are some things,
That I never thought i'd have to grow up to.

Calculating every move,
Mulling every action,
Weighing options,
Pondering decisions.

These are some things,
That i do now.

To let the past go by,
To let memories slide by,
And Impossible as it is,
To live as though nothing happened.

These are some things,
That I will have to learn.

During those gloomy days,
Ive found my ray of light
In between tears,
I learnt of how strong i was,

These are some things,
That I am thankful of.

Even as the cloud of the past,
Hangs like a gloom over my head,
I can see an ecstatic me,

Knowing i have that the best of past,
Paving way for wonderful future i'm building myself .

and for that,
I'm grateful,
as i am who i am.

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