Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tiny little kisses

So it started with tiny little kisses,
and i thought to myself,
well, this is way too little,
i need bigger kisses,
bigger smiles and bigger love.

Tiny little kisses and more of them,
and i thought to myself,
well, this isnt too bad,
i need more tiny little kisses,
just a smile on my face and love in your eyes.

Tiny little kisses and none of them,
and i cant stop thinking of you,
and how all i want now,
is just one tiny little kiss,
and a whole lot of you.

Its odd how i've fallen in love with those tiny little kisses now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm here, Now.

Let me be,
I'm here now,
and that's all matters.

I asked for my share,
Air gave me breaths,
and a few more.

Conversing with solitude,
Heart whispered,
and now finish what you begun.

I do have to, don't I?
Over my grave,
and Inconsequential .

Nothing more,
Nothing less,
To ask for.

Let me be.