Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 6

A discontinuation from a tag i started couple of days ago. There's just something about me, that prevents me from doing anything continuously! But im trying to see through that i complete the tag ;-)

The tag for today is six places. Quite difficult considering i would like to go backpacking around the world. I would avoid the extremely cold places like plaque though.

Many a times, ive seen a postcard, poster, or picture of a place and immediately made a mental note, to note down in actual Paper.Those are places i'd want my feet to take me, before i kick the bucket.

And then there are places, which are very close to heart. Places that are cherished in my mind, and places which have made me the person i am.

And there are some places, however much you try and forget them, they stick with you, right till your very last breath, some not so pleasant,some so painful that you rather pop a pill to erase all memories.

1 . Klang, Malaysia
I take pride in telling people i am from Klang. I know they'll scrunch their faces up and ask 'KLANG?' - Yeah Dude, we're like Somalia gone wrong-Not!
I grew up here, and its a place i call home.

Klang may not have beaches, but we have the Klang River ;-)
It may not have Mount Kinabalu, but we have Taman Rakyat -Home to exotic species of early morning joggers ;-)

Neither do we have tax free booze, but we have Kari Bala :-p (if you dont know Kari Bala, you're clearly not from Klang-Google him)

2. Bangalore, India
A place i call my second home. I learnt almost all my survival and entertainment tips there. Many First(s) happened there. All the clubbing and all the midnight ramblings. And I met 2 of my best friends here.
My hostel Room, where most of the brilliant ideas of mine emerged, the famous Sprite Neat by Niki, the 3am politics discussions, poverty and hunger eradication talks, my struggle to study with my bed almost always winning the battle, tears, joy and everything! So close to heart.

Krishna Block #39, Bangalore

3. Krabi, Thailand
I love beaches, no matter how dirty or dangerous they maybe. There's a charm surrounding the vast amounts of water, sand beds till the end of land, the salty rough air, the way the sun sets into the sea and the moon rises into the sky coupled with the sound of waves crashing.
But Krabi was simply like Paradise. The crystal blue water, the rainbow colored fishes and Food Galore!!
Youve to go to Krabi to believe the pictures! Its GORGEOUS!

 Aonang Beach, Krabi

Krabi, Island Hopping

4.  United Kingdom.
Ive heard people raving about the UK after returning from it and always thought to myself, yeah, yuppies :-p
But Uk does captivate you from the very moment you set your eyes on her!
Its beautiful, it has an air or calmness, probably from the chill air or the laid-back attitude, the gorgeous tulips that bloom on the onset of spring, majestic castles and churches, the ruins of forts, the beautiful green gardens or the tea and scones ;-)

Was also thoroughly impressed by the public transportation and i couldn't stop raving about the Uk when i got back home ;-)

Clicked at Scarborough Castle, Scarborough

5. Pani puri stalls :D
 I love pani puri's and i can eat pani puris any time of the day and as im typing this my mouth water. very  very bad, because i dont get Pani Puri's here!

A very standard PaniPuri stall, on the roads of India :-)

6.Sri Lanka,
A country I definitely will visit at the first opportunity. I have charted out places i would go to (Nuwara Eliya , Devon waterfalls, Dambulla Cave temple, Tanggalle and Galle beach, Elephant orphanage are a few of them), food that i MUST try, toddy, Ceylon tea in Ceylon and a huge array of other activities (includes meeting Lasith Malinga and professing my love ;-) )
I havent figured out how to attach video's to my posts, so dont be lazy, go on and click the link below!
Sri Lanka Tourism
Now, only if the war and brutality stops!


Done! and tomorrow shall be food!!! :D

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