Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Obsess You

Poems certainly do have a way of allowing the poet to say what he/she wants without revealing anything to the world.

You can read a poem a 100 times and interpret it a 100 different ways. Not many like reading poems on the other hand, simply because at the end of it, you don't know what happened ;-)

But everyone, is rendered a poet at one point or the other, in the journey of life. Often beaten to pulp, poem offers solace, or when a broken heart needs a balm, what better outlet than to string harsh words without sounding like a loser? ;-) Or when you're in love and too shy to say it out, the poem does wonders -you can always deny by saying misinterpretation if caught in a sticky spot ;-)

I'm no different ;-), i Love poems for all the reasons, and for no reason.


The crazy mind,
Has a mind of its own,
Its on its way,
to an enchanting pathway,
Devoid of instructions.

The darkness is bewitching,
I can neither stop myself,
From drowning further,
Nor allow my mind to be engulfed,
By the bewitching darkness.

As i step in deeper,
My heart flutters,
And beats crazy,
Forcing a breath after the other.

The charmed eyes,
Is hungry for more,
It looks for your charm,
Through the colossal web.

All this noise around us,
Makes me wish i had your hand in mine,
Ignoring all the delirium around us,
With the haunting melody you make.

My feet taps, 
When you sing,
My desire heightens, 
When i catch your bewitched tunes.

My lips quiver at your mention,
The intemperance is bewildering.

I sometimes wish,
Silence was as bewitching as the darkness.

This bewitched mind is on its way to you,
In the bewitched darkness.

Any songster reading this wanting to turn it into a Song, Please pay me royalty ;-)

Nite Ya'll and Nite Love!!


  1. nyz 1 la... but any poem of yours remynds me of ur 1st poem.. ant 1:):):P

  2. I wish i had the Poem still.
    im sure it was hilarious :p

  3. hehehehehe.. thank god u don have 1 now.. coz u wld have died laughing.. u wldn have recognyzd d poem was ur own writing(juz being xtra evil:P)


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