Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 8

This post is a continuation from  10 Day Challenge post which started here

Post for the 3rd day is supposed to be on Eight fears. I am apprehensive about a number of things, but fear, i'm not too sure.

I thought and thought, i started on the 2nd of July and its 5th July now , and i'm still thinking ;-)

(TO be honest i was away writing a few Scientific articles and attending slew of Weddings, I Love weddings by the way :-) )

Anyhow, im guessing its never to late to resume with my 8 fears, even if i cant think of anything ;-)

Fear, as per Wikipedia's description (i rely on Wikipedia a lot, sometimes i aimlessly and randomly read articles on Wikipedia till i sleep off ;-) )  

-Fear from the Greek: φόβος,phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear", is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat

So, that's what fear means really and yet for the love of me cant think of anything i Fear.

Yes, i Hate the very sight of Rats and i'm Afraid it'll jump on me and bite me and int the process give me Leptospirosis.

Im also afraid of getting too near fishy looking stationary things because, im afraid it'll suddenly come to life and lunge at me thereby murdering me.

I used to be afraid of my dad shutting the sliding door at 8pm, because if he did, somebody was going to get Hurt ;-) And often we didn't know which one of the 3. We were equal devils as kids

Im also afraid that i'd live a Boring life or allow myself to become a creature of habit and accept boring-ness into life :-p

In college i was afraid of a lecturer in 1st year, she hated me (and made me cry..grrrr) ,2nd year on-wards, i couldn't bother greeting her.

I get very very very scared when Rocky gets hurt. I start panicking and i repeat questions about him over and over again. He was recently bitten by a stray (or maybe a Gang of them, evil ones!!) i dont dare dress his wounds or apply medication on his wounds, that task has been skillfully handled by my Dad. On the contrary, if im hurt, i wouldn't even go as far as applying eusol or iodine on em. Tough me :-p

Im afraid of falling sick. Every-time i'm down with illness, i cry and i think i will never recover from this :-p

My stomach does somersaults every-time someone says ' We need to Talk' . Automatically all the danger cue music ever existed in the history of cinema starts playing. 

Im afraid of men on motorbikes coming too close when im carrying my bag. I clutch on it hard,  and start praying for my dear life while have series of probable events going through my mind (always being, robbed- pushed- hit my head on the road- bleed to death)

Well, i scrolled up and i saw so many lines, i'm too lazy to count, so if its lesser than 8, of well and if its more, oh well too.

Now that you see that I Fear anything , you can proudly declare me a Fearless *
(I'm not allowed to swear in Public, for fear of corrupting young minds, so can guess what the * is) 

The next post is about 7 wants, now, that is very easy :)

See ya'll tomorrow !


Edited after popular request :-p

1. i Fear rejection - i need to be needed
2. i Fear Failure - i dont start anything before being a 100% sure i'll kick-ass at it ;-)

I'm not a Fearless * after-all. Damn!


  1. :) haahhaaha, yes yes, so brave my step. come i tell u ghost stories after its dark! :p

  2. pandi who used to be shit scared of exams.

  3. @ Riya - I havent been listening to much ghost stories these days :( and hence the lapse of memory!
    now im craving for the spine chilling, lip curling horrors stories over again!

    @ Sonali - Daymnn, Same thing, havent sat for any exams the past 3 years, hence forgot how terrified and petrified i am of exams.. I still have nightmares about biostats and maths papers ;-/

  4. ur fear of "we need to talk" reminded me of something.. some guy messaged u dis from msia n after dat u cldnt eat ur dinner:P

  5. @ Niki, HolyCow!!!! I remember that night!! i was so darn hungry, studying for th exams when that message came!! I even remember the sad Paratta which was thrown away eventually..
    one helluva night that was :P


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