Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 10

I started of trying to write a post for the picture above yesterday, but i got carried away writing about Dr.Sakti's Acoustic Show ( you can read about it Here)
And though i was still in the mood to complete this, i figured 2 post in a day after 15 days of absence i a little too much too handle ;-)
So well, here; it starts, One has to post for ten consecutive days, on the above topics given in the visual.

Here goes my 10 secrets 

1. When i like a song i put it on loop (some have even lasted for a month) till i get sick and tired of it. After that i stay away from the song till i re-loop it again ;-)

2. Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi is one movie i've seen in bits and parts, i've almost seen the whole movie, i've read tens of the reviews, i know most of the dialogues by heart, and im in awe with the lady, Bawara Mann, is one of my favorite songs, and yet, that's a movie i'm yet to watch!

3.  I hate Kiwi fruits. I dont even touch them. I would go as far as saying i detest them and i wouldnt touch a dish with kiwi fruits even with a Yardstick

4. I'm Stubborn, Opinionated and i think i can change the world, IF i want to.

5. I value friendship and i hate those who conveniently pick up and drop them as when they want and not.

6. I hate falling sick because every time I fall sick I think its going to last forever. I used to fall sick every quarterly, touch-wood its reduced to twice a year now. And another reason why i hate falling ill - i start hallucinating about Chicken Varuval + Steaming hot rice + Rasam, I have absolutely no idea why!

7. I dont mind Boozing, but i never drink beyond the level where i start feeling funny. I HATE those who force even another drop onto me and i hate that queasy, spinning feeling that alcohol leaves.
So well, i may not be a perfect boozing partner but i can sit and talk stories for hours while watching YOU booze.

8. I love Mangosteen. My grandfather taught me how to break them open. He also taught me how to count the number of flesh inside without breaking open th fruit ;-)
Upturn the Mangoosteen and count the 'eyes' (kannu as what my grampa told me) and well, i still do that every time I have Mangosteens :-) (Yes yes, i'm such a kid, I know)

9. I like being isolated and quiet. I really do! And I absolutely cherish my quiet moments and would mentally murder anyone who tries to  mess with it ;-)

10.  I cannot sing to save  my life. And so i love those who can sing.

There, you have my 10 secrets ;-)

Post no 2, ( Nine Loves) tomorrow ~

If anyone wants to join me on this journey of ten day challenge, jump in

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