Friday, June 3, 2011

Something i Found!

We're renovating the house and its dusty, messy and everything in between.

But the up-side of all this is that i manage to find stuff that
1. i never knew i had
2. i had lost and given up looking
3. i had lost and never bothered looking
4. i had lost and never knew i did

The something that i found falls under the 4th category :D

I found a sheet of paper with my Kirukals ; instantly i was griped with fear. I have this habit of writing down everything i feel or just scribbling down stuff blankly.
And more often than not I tend to kirukify his name :p

To my relief it wasnt :D

And it was a random poem, of which i cant remember why or when i had written it.

As Children we feared,
the Unknown,
the Animals,
the Rain,
the Nights,
We feared everything,
Except each other

We outgrew them,
we no more are afraid.

Now we fear,
that one thing,
Each Other, and nothing else

The myriad mind of an Adult..

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