Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday Night Live, Klang Ishtyle ;-)

Blogging after sometime now. I've either been too busy or too free and both have their respective reasons to why i either am too tired to write or i've nothing to write home about ;-)

In my defense to being a sloth, i attended a Acoustic concert , with the performers being

1. Neighbour
2. Family Friend
3. Kindergarden mate
4. Cutie on the Bongo
5.  more Klang people.

And they were simply fantabulous.

To be quite honest i went in expecting very crappy hippyhoppy music. But boy, was i wrong or what. They were brilliant from the word go.

Picture this, a very handsome, smart, impeccably dressed Doctor, easing everyone up with a little joke and then professing his Love towards Bob Marley and the Jah. Oh, he doesn't stop there, he then proceeds to announce his next track, No Woman, No Cry.

So, well, whats different, you may ask? Well, it was a Tamil version of No woman No Cry.  I did some Google'ing of my own, to check if anyone has attempted anything as such, and Voila, his name cropped up!

So, how did it sound actually? You guys would have to wait for him to release the album / singles. Because honestly, no amount of description would do justice. I couldn't stop raving as he was singing, and i still cant stop raving to every Muthu, Samy and Karupiah i meet ( Tamil of tom dick harry, so as to keep up with the Tamil ;-) ) He had this Magic in his voice and a very earthy, and honest passion in it ( now dont get funny and ask how dishonest passion sounds like! )

He went on Belting a couple of other numbers, All of which i thought were absolutely brilliant. It did make me wonder, why the Malaysian Tamil Music scene doesn't churn out such numbers at regular basis, and then i realized  Dr. Sakthivel's debut is still pending. ;-) ( Yeah, tall order of praise for someone who hasn't released his Music, but well, i wanted to be one of the first few praising him in writing, Yay!! )

And my neighbor guy ( Navin)is a 3 time AIM award recipient ( or is it 4 ? ) who can strum the guitar so effortlessly well and win awards and compose and produce music and yet be so very down to earth. I was torn between watching  the Dr. sing and watching the neighbor strum.

And a then there was a third one, The cutie on the Bongo, who could play the guitar too, and oh, he could sing as well!! Talk about excess of talent. The trio sure captured everyone present with their energy and talent.

And as if so much good music isnt enough for one day, i did  stumble upon a Kindergarden friend who's a rapper (surprise!) married (surprise again!!) released an album (surprise surprise) and who's changed his name to Sri Raskol now ;-)

It was nice being able to see th Neighbor perform, hear the Dr belt out his numbers, stumble upon Kindergarden friend, and it was a wonderful mix of good music, good drinks ;-) and well, some good ol' dappanguthe after the concert.

It was a Saturday night well spent and i'm looking forward to the album release already !!

Cheers ya'll


  1. hehehe so cuteee.. next time u oso can perform ;) u can sing your jinjang songs ;) with rambo , hehehehehehehehehe

  2. The cutie on the bongo is Rajindra Ranaa, Prince of Nepal. hehehe but he play better guitar then hitting that bongo. la hehehe

  3. @ anonymous #1,
    thank youuuu, and why Jinjang songs? :-p
    i cant sing for nuts, nd i dont wana spoil anyone's concerto..
    Who's this Rambo btw?

    @ anonymous #2,
    Say helo to Prince of Nepal for me would you ;-)

    btw, why so secretive with the name? :-p


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