Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 7

A continuation from the 10 Day Challenge I started a couple of days back.

The challenge for today is to post 7 wants , which is simple and not at the same time. Simply because 7 wants is too small a number for the number of things i want.

I'll try keeping it simple and light and stick to seven.And i'll stick to those that are pretty much  realistic, which means i'll have to omit the Fountain of Youth (damn!) , Mountain of the Moons (double damn!) and Narnia. These are the few places i WANT to go to. Gah!!!!

For those who dont know the above, kindly ask Google Mama. 
Mountain of the Moon's, send me the map to you Please. (Wait a second, Maps confuse me, just send me the spaceship) 

I want to be able to sing like KJ Yesudas. No no, i have no interest of sounding like a man, but i would like to sound as heavenly as he does. Even if he yells his head off like half the black metal guys, he'll sound good!

I want to be able to take 4 holidays in a year. Each holiday in each Season, lasting 7 days each should be good enough :-)

I want to learn Salsa, thus i Need to go to South America ;-) . And Kathak , so i shall go to India. ;-)

I want to rewind time, back to my college days and have just a single night back again, in my Hostel Room K39. A place that wasnt merely a room, it was to quote someone ' an extension of my mind'. It certainly didnt feel like a room, it was, is and will always be a part of me. The noise, the bottle curtain, the posters, the friends, the stove, the desk, the books, the myriad emotions my room has seen. I want my hostel room back, even if its just for a day. ( I will simply sit in it and think of the 3 years and cry and then smile, so no harm is being done ;-) )

I want to practice Yoga, religiously. I know most of the asanas, i'm simply too much of a bum to get moving. My dad does Yoga twice a day and he's much more fit then I am, :-p

I want to be Happy, and i want those around me to be happy. I dont mind being called a Yuppie, as long as i know im Happy (What a yuppie rhyme that was :-p)

I want people to leave comments on my blog Posts ;-) . Simply because it feels very very nice! :-)

There goes my 7 wants :)

All of 'em are achievable, with a little extra effort ;-)
Effort from me and effort from you ;-)


nice people leave comments ;)