Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 10 Day Post - Day 4

Yay Books! I've loved books for as long as i can remember. My dad loves books and big bro and i caught it from him. My mom on the other hand, not too big of a book fan, my 2nd brother takes after her. 

We used to make a lot of road-trips as we grew up. My dad always made sure we brought enough books to last the entire trip. The Habit stuck and i cannot sit idle without reading.

The first thing most of my classmates in Bangalore remember about me was me with my Godfather book for half a month. A carried it everywhere i went. I buried my head in it when i couldnt understand what they were saying ( too much Hindi for my own good :-p) or when i was too lazy to indulge in their Question&Answer sessions ( It always started with Are you Malaysian? and Ended with why did you come to India? - i Still groan at that thought!)

Bangalore is close to heart for many reason and books for one major chunk of it. I found books everywhere in Bangalore. Outside the restaurants, on the pavements, in the city centre, outside the Pubs, huge 2nd hand bookstores and Blossoms!

I love my books and i never sell or give them away. We have a library at home and simply staring at those books give me joy and peace. Books, as i read somewhere, are indeed the best of decorations!

If i was asked to suggest books, these will be my list (but seriously, 4 only?!)

1. To Kill a Mockingbird , Harper Lee
The book is about right vs wrong, black vs white. The white was never implied as right nor the black as wrong. Atticus Finch as the father, is my favorite Character ever. He had a firm head on his shoulder and doled out words of wisdom without sounding preachy even once! A must read!

2. Roots , Alex Haley
One of the First ultra thick books i read. It took me 3 weeks to complete this one. I was working in Nando's during that period and i carried the book to work everyday. I'd read during break, while waiting for the bus and when i had free time at home. I was a social outcast for 3 weeks ;-)
The book is about an American-African who has traced his family lineage back to 18th century. Kunta Kinte and how he was brought into America as a slave. A very engrossing tale.

3. Shantaram , Gregory David Roberts
Thick book alert once again. A lovely book with millions of quotable lines. Ive always wanted to visit Mumbai and after reading this book, the desire has increased by bounds and leaps. I want to go to Leopolds Beer Bar and hangout at Colaba. The book had its lull somewhere in the middle, but it doesn't hamper one, instead it only makes you want to read faster and know what happens!

4. A Thousand Splendid Suns , Khaled Hosseini
I cried reading this one. I read this much before reading Kite Runner and at a time where i didn't know who Khaled Hosseini was. The story was so real and the writing so true. You can almost imagine the faces and the scars. You will definitely put yourself in Laila and Mariam's shoes and you cry with them when they are in despair.

My 4 favourite books indeed. There are many many many more but i shall stick with four :)
I somehow love thick books (with fine print of course) because they let me indulge in the story longer!

Do comment and let me know what your 4 favorite books are!

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