Monday, January 12, 2009

the night owl visits..

Im on my bloggin spree.. blame me being unemployed for al this.. with th recession thingie goin on.. *though honestly i dont know what th heck IS goin on*.. all i know is i need a job real soon or otherwise., im gona.. gona.. do nothing actually.. *see, this recession is doin my already tortured brain no good*

a fren of mine dropped by an hour back.. Naresh.. ive known him for th past.. umm.. wait... 10 years *whoa!~ i just counted that*. we've known each other ryte from school. And i must add, he's definately transformed a lots! With his..

  1. killer looks

  2. macho~ismo (he claims so.. and i can vouch for it)

  3. his ever cool stories bout MOS
  4. his funny 1 liners

  5. his hair! haha..

  6. and finally, he is never ever ever punctual.. if he says i'l be thr at 9, th whole lot of us know its 11.. yeah thats how punctual he is..

Coming back to his visit an hour back.. he said something that i dont think i'l ever forget.. he decided to agonize me by telling me his long 104th day of his love life *yesh! i know.. even i cant believe guys keep track of al these dates* n i had to exclaim it's soooo sweet n she's freakin lucky evry 5 minutes to cover up the fact that i was green with envy. n thank th malfunctioning street light which blinks more than a chick tryin to flirt, i cud hide th jealousy

Beyond al that he told me somethin *yeah th something ive been rattling about from th start*
"when you're in love, you've got to show th other person that you love him/her. Problems crop up when you dont show it"

Its something that touched a chord wif me. With my other 1/2 living thousands of km's away. all the way in bangalore. and i cant connect with him as much i would love to cuz of these evil things called telecoms.. i strongly believe they wake up everyday n pray for single's all arnd th world to fall in love.. phew! the exorbitant amount of money 1 has to shell out for an international call..
i BELIVE they'v struck a deal with th guy up there in th clouds..

BUT, there exist this sweet little thing called th internet =) whc has its share of pro's n con's.

The GooD

  1. one gets to 'connect' at a CHEAPER cost. screw you phone companies.. th net is here to save us al..

  2. you get to save th conversations ur having.. n re-read it for th hundreth time..

  3. these awesome things called 'yahoo messenger', 'msn', gtalk, skype, 'irc', 'jabber' and the likes of it..
  4. one gets to talk to people theyve never met in life and will never meet and travel to places they'l never travel (albeit from th comp screen)

  5. and you get to complain to total strangers and get adviced by them as they offer totally unbiased suggestions..

The BaD

  1. There are mad MAD people out there.. people who think it's cool to stalk others.
  2. There also are people who think they own you and advice you on every damn thing
  3. There are people who decide that since you are online you owe your life to them and you WILL have to reply them. And if you dont they sulk. throw tantrums. cut al connexions' wif you. For al you know. i mite be curled up on th floor having appendicitis.

The Ugly

  1. you get frauded by credit card companies.

  2. you get spammed by all these companies who rejoice in you wading through th flood in your mailbox

  3. GIRLs, get raped~yeah, these stalkers can do that.. And GUYs, get stalked by underaged girls who think its cool to follow th guy to every chat room he is visiting.

AH! like all technological advances, the NET has its share of catches!

Uff.. i perhaps should go get connected to my loved 1.. which was why i logged in at the first place.. But then Again..


  1. niki bansal aka burner:PJanuary 13, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    hmmm don knw abt bad or ugly
    i can chat wid frenz lyk u whom i can not meet or talk on d phone
    n ican xpress d things wich i wldnt have guts to tell u on ur face(u knw im talkin abt wich things..)
    thnxxxxx for bein ma frend.. ucan say d odr way round also i wont mind..:P
    but i really agree wid d point.."when you're in love, you've got to show th other person that you love him/her. Problems crop up when you dont show it"

    damnnnnnn gud n nyz..
    will nevr forget it..
    n as usual keep wrytin..
    n 1 mre thing most important..
    i wanna meet naresh:P
    all d qualities u gave abt him im sure his gf gonna have prob heehee:P

  2. haha.. yeah? you wana meet naresh? *thinks*.. whats shal we do about mr.P then? hehe
    n you'v been a terrific fren ;)

  3. niki bansal aka burnerJanuary 17, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    mr p can go to hell:) i wanna meet naresh:P

  4. niki bansal aka burnerJanuary 19, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    mr. p cannot go to hell now:P
    but he wont mind doin frendship wid naresh:P


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