Friday, December 19, 2008

th starter blog =)

Bloggin is something new for me. Have been pretty bored and BORED for quite sometime. and a bored blogger aint gona be fun to read i know. Starting this blog is gona make me do more things i hope.

Have promised myself a couple of things.

1. To get a JOB soon

2. To apply for MSc real soon

3. To join dancing classes.. You may call it my New Years Resolution ;)

Let me Introduce th person rattling all these. Am a daughter of 2 lovely people. Dad's a person i dont know how to describe. HE isnt the kind of dad people often describe about. He neither can be described as a diciplinarian nor a fun kinda dad. He's somewhr in btw. And im his favourite(heh heh.. its my blog!)

Mom's a retired teacher. And yes.. she's exactly like all retired teachers.. the stern 1 who spent more hours at school than home and yet never failed to make her presense felt.

2 big bro's.

My friends are my bigggest tresures. I can think of them al day long if im alone. And truly the pic on the left says it al. Life without true friend is not worth it. Who else would you pour your sorrow to. and double your joys with.

Remember reading somewhr that friendship needs a lot of work. As much as lovers need to put in. But friendship isnt something that dies off. It can be revived at any point of life. A warm hug usually does the trick (well, depending on age, and other factors)

Have lived abroad for 3 beautiful yearsIndependent life (heh heh~agreed that i depended on ma n pa for pocket money). Nothing beats HOME, but, truly, u start appreciating home when u travel. And you get to meet beautiful people as u travel.

-Smile, its the second best thing you can do with your lips ;)


  1. *drumroll & trumpets*..Shankzy Puzo, welcome to this new world of a new species - the blogger!!..congrats, you have just been classified as utterly jobless!!

    Don't worry - I have been here for a long time...I will show you the ropes..*silly smile*

  2. niki bansal aka burner:PJanuary 13, 2009 at 3:28 PM

    hmmm.. no decription abt ur bros..???
    well dat was d part i was lukin for:P
    hmm cmg to think abt ur blog.. do i've to wryt somethin gud????
    u knw im evil:P
    nyz blog.. keep it up..


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