Thursday, January 15, 2009

moski~ mossski~ moskito!

The world is filled with many things. And for starters it filled with more annoying things than soothing things. And im sure many of us would agree regarding the many annoying creatures present: Flies, Cocoroaches, Lizards, Jim Carrey, Himesh Reshamiya, etc (some of you may include me in the above mentioned list). But at the moment., the top spot goes to the World Most Annoying BugGer's ~ *drum rolls* ~ the anopheles~ n to all you lesser mortals knows as~ Machar a.k.a moski.

These beings can be divided into 2 categories..

  1. those who die as soon as you spray sheltox or for th matter of fact any repellent on them

2. and th 2nd kind is th 1 which never dies. you can drown th room with sheltox and even risk yourself being killed, but no.. these small buggers never die! NEVER!

Fortunately these things ( i refuse to honour them by calling them by their names) dont like me~ or rather my blood. But th buzzing sound they make on th hot summer nights! drive me up th wall.. And Malaysia UNFORTUNATELY is a humid country to begin with. The central power system Board is excellent actually. They hardly ever disconnect us from our beloved idiot box~electricity in other words, but when they do, they choose th worst of days. its always during th hot summer days does th fan stop and these beings try to help by 'fanning' their wings right above your head!

Every evening my Mom's prepares th house for a battle zone. She looks at th clock. The sun. The clock. The sun. and finally when its about time *yeah she miraculously knows the exact time, latitude,longitude, magnitude and al th other equations regarding th Moski's* she shuts th sliding door, th main door, al th possible windows and ventilators, turning th house into a dark dark cave with no openings. And during th days we have to return home after dusk, we race th moski's into the house, trying to leave them lesser space to squeeze through. but i must say, the plan hardly ever works, considering 4 fully grown adults and a dog present.

But th moski's hovering at my doorstep should be aware of th fate that awaits them as they attempt entering our home. My mom has all possible repellents available in th market awaiting them. And I, find it easier to slap these things instead. Save money and in th process Save th ozone.

Thats when our Hero~ th mosq coil come in picture.. This is th kinda item that you dont remember after youve burned.. I mean, its like set it on fire and ur free for th rest of th night! (these buggers come out only after th sun's gone home).

Product decription~
Name~ MalingZ mosqi Coil

Purpose~ to kick ass~ th tiny ass that is

Pro's~ its less harmful to th ozone layer and u can light it up n forget it. portable.

Con's~ many people hate th smell of it and it makes th room yucky. asthma patients (coff coff)

Other uses~ it can be used to light crackers-when you cant find an incense stick(whc is also used for prayers), to light up ciggie's, beedi's, etc., (and a small note of warning- smoking is worse than moskis)

Yeah, so now, all you have to do is to drag a coil out of th pack, and light it up. and then sit back and watch th action. If you observe close enough and if you have th GIFT, you can see th smoke infiltrating th lungs of these small beings, you can see them gasping for air. the smoke and fumes caressing their lungs and breath.

But there's this little dogG at home, known as Rocky th Rockstar~ who doesnt mind these moski's. He seems adept at killing the, somehow. and he even eats them up at moments. I reckon he finds it a pretty fun activity to engage in and a marvelous snack?!. Well, thats 1 sentiment the rest of us dont share.

And well again, if ur thinking why did i spend so much time rattling about these small beings, which are pretty much insignificant (well, they cause dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc), might i remind you that you've been wasting similar amount of energy and time reading this post

*heh heh heh*..

Adios till then, there's a moski hovering right above my head...


  1. niki bansalAka burnerJanuary 16, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    heights of boredom..
    u observed mosquitoes soo closely dat im jealous now:P
    nywas gud attempt dear.. heehe
    can make out hw frustrated u r :P

  2. as wierd as it may sound, i quite enjoyed writing this! heh heh..


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