Sunday, January 18, 2009

rocky dogG

This guy.(rocky th rockstar) has been a part of th family for quite sometime now.

he knows how exactly to fool my mom n make her let him out

how to make dad give him food (junk food)

how to make aravin stop dead in his track n play with him

n to make me do all of th above

He's a very intelligent dog even though he does none of what th dog's you see on th Idiot box do. he cant catch a ball in th air., nor does he know how to fetch., nor does he know how to twist n twirl., nor does he know how to smile or make other silly faces., nor does he know how to walk to 2 legs n shake hand. N he cant deliver letters like th dog in 'Hum aapke hain kaun'. Why? Cuz he's a dog! I mean even rocky understands that al a dog needs to know is to run on 4 legs (n yeah's awesome at it~ if u can catch rocky u will be declared a Hero!), n he knows how to bang th front grill when he wants to come in th house. He also knows that barking serves many purpose

  1. woof woof~ im hungry

  2. wouuuuuuuuf woouuuuuuuu~i think there's some1 at th gate

  3. wuf wuf wuf~ im hungry

  4. wooof wooof wooof(infinity)~ i need to pee, could you please let me out?! (@#$%^&*!)

    Yeah, thats pretty much al he knows.. n he even knows its best not to touch th laundry thats drying or it would be th laundry that killed him.
But being Rocky's friend has many benefits *i shall dwell upon them later*. But like in every healthy/sound/happy relationship, we have issues! No, i shall not torment you by writing bout how he chooses to poop on th porch only when there are too many visitors arnd *at other times he's th perfectly behaved dog* But rocky and i have issues regarding his idea of "going for a walk"

I just got back from th innumerable walks that Rocky demands from us in a day. He thinks its his birth right to go for a walk around th locality every 2 hours. He has even made friends with th area guard and his HUGE guard dog. Perhaps, he's aspiring to be a Guard dog in future.. *thinks* That'l be one hell of a sight. A dog th size of a cat but a heart of th bloodhound ;) *nyeh nyeh nyeh*

My previous dogs, somehow understood that going for a walk means, "to do your business". And if you get too spot a cat or sniff another dogG's rear end al th more better. But with rocky that isnt th case. For him, going for a walk means:

  • I get to inhale Fresh air.. *i shall perform a lil bit of Yoga in th middle of th road, please!*

  • These aunties here think im cute, i shal go sniff em and make some noise.
  • Hey! was that th place i forgot to piss at yest?! I need to mark my territory, come!

  • I havent sniffed that square inch of land yet! why are you hurrying me?!
This guy here often gets a trail of something *its nasty most of the time*, and gets worked up, starts whining, sniffing and walks in circles as he pursue's his next victim of th day. And there goes th thoughts of "toilet" into the forewind. Maybe, he finds it a pretty intresting hobby or rather activity, but th human accompanying him doesnt think so, since its my arm that gets twisted n twirled trying to pull him n restrain him from going to place that he shudnt be going to. Actually, i wouldnt mind letting him pursue his trail, if he had a purpose, but considering his success rate which is terribly low and embarassing (to me and him), and he doesnt really know how to react when he comes face-to-face with his prey. 'Am i supposed to sniff it?' 'Attack it?' 'Play with it?'. He is truly lost! (very much like his owner~ you guys should agree with me on this point!) I have seen Rocky stand 2 feet away from a cat and watch them both wonder. The poor tomcat on its 4, staring at rocky.Perhaps asking him 'Are you gona do anything or do i continue with my nap?' This is embarassing for Rocky! Me! and the Cat!..

N even after all these rattlings, I can safely say, Dogs are indeed man's (and woman's) best friend! And dont mistake Rocky for a bad guy. If only he could grasp the entire concept of going for a walk!

I wouldnt bet my money on that though!


  1. niki bansal aka burnerJanuary 19, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    nyz to knw somuch abt dog..
    first mosqi den dog..
    which is d nxt animai:P
    but ur dogis juz lyk u.. isnt it:?

  2. no la.. rocky isnt like me.. i know what i'l do when i c sum1 i wana c ;)


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