Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a pOem fOr th gUy i caLL lOvE.. (translated fm malay for niks)

Th thousands of stars up in th sky,
are now gone.
Leaving me, reachin out in th dark,
Th waxing moon,
is now waning,
Taking my thoughts with it.
For a moment,
I saw you,
in Silence,
with lights and twinkles,
Were they Stars or th Moons,
Thank you,.
Let me steal fleeting glances of you,
Let me steal memories with you,
im sorry,
if this,
reminds you of us,
for as long as,
we are remembered,
in th stage called,


  1. hmmm veryy nyz poem..
    evrytym i read ur poem.. i remember ur poem cald ants:P:P:P hehehehehehhe

  2. arghhh! that was my 1st poem though.. i cnt remember much bout it though.. wish i hadnt thrown it!

  3. thnx for wrytin dis blog.. u knw juz now i finished watchin muvi OUTSOURCED .. dey gave a meanin of d name of d country INDIA sayin I"LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN
    n now dis blog.. thnx for makin me believe INDIA IS D BEST
    n comin to ur small nick nack.. u knw i went to mkt n on d way bak i saw 2 gals playin badminton.. i was telin vikas also.. in 1 hr how v used to laugh for 45 min n 15 min was for takin down shuttle cock from d roof or tree or juz givin a service to each oder...
    i don knw y im wrytin all des things here.. but in d evng only i was thinkin nxt tym i'll c u onlyn i'll talk abt it n live dos moments again.. remember how v used tolaugh for no reasn.. n literally used to roll on d floor.. thnx to u shanky for makin ma 3rd year so nyz n memorable.. sob sob.. im getin knots hahahahah.. but really miss dos days.. n cant get over wid blore.. i luv u bglre n i I LUV MA FRENZ who made blore so special memorable n ofcrs luvable...

  4. n mre thin thnx for translation:)))))))))) n u knw na i luv u n mich u sooooo much:(


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