Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 random sense n nonsense

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Ive come to terms with my tummy, because i finally realize that no matter what i do, its going to be there forever n that nayantara 6 packs in billa is so out of reach.. (i like her)

2. Back in Bangalore, i used to get a haircut whenever i was horribly bored. To a point where Sonali exclaimed out loud that if i dont stop cutting, im going to end up having hair(on my head) shorter than her armpit hair..

3. Renuka thinks i have a liking towards younger Boys ( I am still pondering on that fact renu)..

4.Every month i have a Favourite song, which i think will last forever, but it does only till th next month comes~ in december it was kangal irandal, january it was aatichudi n this month is Uyiril Yedho..

5. At the end of every sentence i use double full stop, and i know my Language teachers arent gona be very proud of that..

6. I started watching cricket in India just to support th opposition team (Team Sri Lanka at that time) and to annoy my indian friends. But i ended up liking the Sport so much that i burned Rm75 subscribing to astro box office last month.. And yeah, i know what an LBW is n what a Wide is n what a No Ball is..

7. I remember most of the dialogues from Madagascar2..

8. I ran away from home when i was 9 years old cuz my brothers told me i was adopted.. I packed my piggy bank, few clothing's and started walking away.. walked up to th bus stop near my house.. n then realized that there will be no one to make me milo everyday n i walked back home..

9. I had 2 roommates from hell and 2 god sent roommates.. Th 1st 2 didn't last long thankfully.. And th 2nd 2 are very close to heart!

10. Ive had 13 fishes as pets in Bangalore.. Out of which only 3 survived.. Nita named 1 bozo n i named the other Garfield and the 3rd didn't have a name, he was th One Eyed Fish..

11. i Bite my nails to help me concentrate.. n Yeah, i concentrate on movies, drama's, Matches, daily conversations, shopping n etc, so, i tend to bite them very often..

12. I dont remember studying anything at all in school, cuz when i 1st started Bsc Biotech i was a clean slate.. It was hell.. Pure hell..

13. I got to know my Juniors only after th Farewell Party they Threw us.. I wonder what was I doin when we gave them Freshers *thinks hard*

14. Most of my clothings are either Blue or green in colour but my favourite colour is red and i only have 3 t shirts in red and 2 Punjabi suits in red.. *wonder how, wonder why*

15. Im still searching for my childhood sweetheart.. Giridharan.. we used to be the inseperable duo till we shifted to Andalas and they shifted to Subang..

16.I have a huge crush on most of the Sri Lankans i know..

17. I love Ice Lemon Tea.. i Even bought 50 sachets of them to India when i was studying there * i should have knew they would have it there as well~..

18. I like Tesco.. Lots of food.. I feel happy around food..

19. I named my dog after the Movie.. But i totally forgot the existence of Rocky~ a good friend back in India.. he refused to speak to me for a while..

20. I completed my Foundation In Science in a college which doesn't exist anymore.. S.I.T..

21. When i read all my Previous mails (those that i sent like 4-5 years back) i laugh at my stupidity.. and im sure when i read this note or my current mails 5 years later i'l laugh as hard..

22. I have stalked people(back in bangalore).. i helped my friend stalk a guy she fancied(in blore as well).. and i have called another guy from a coin booth claiming to be some1 else(bangalore again) *muahaha*~ sad part is, his cousin brother answered the phone and there went my 5rupees down th drain.. *moral of the story~ Bangalore brought out the psycho in me~

23. Sankey tank is the Only place in the world i've visited more than 100 times.

24.i Have 20 teddy bears *i just counted them*~ but i don't like Teddy bears.. i don't know why people keep giving them to me..

25. I wana be rich.. Rich enougf that i don't need to go to work n i can have a cosy house with a huge courtyard and have 2 dogs..

Yeay.. there goes my 25 ;)

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  1. can i laugh??????????
    it is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn funny:)
    finally u told ur 25 points wich we knew already..
    but was fun redag dem as usual:)))))))))


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