Saturday, February 7, 2009

A to Z

~from 11am to 2 am ~except for when im washing th porch, feedin rocky, cleaning th house, eating, drinking, eating, bathing, jogging, TV'ing, and talking~ feel free to mail me otherwise

B-Best friend(s):-
~Shalini :) (she's more than just tht :P

C-Cake or Pie:-
~Cake cake cake.. cheese cake from secret recipe or dbc from just bakes :)

D-Drink of choice:-
~Coke~ once again..

E-Essential thing used every day:-
~aila.. so many things la.. and to add to it, im a girl~* monjo., rmember th chart we drew in class once? bout th number of things guys need n girls need .. it was sumthin like 13 vs 38*

F-Favorite color:
~Red *roaaar*

G-Gummy bears or worms:
~neither.. too sweet for my liking..

~Klang~ Bandar Di Raja (City of Kings~ haha, it sounds better in Malay)

~Coke, Movies and that special fella :)

J-January or February?
~January~ every1's in a good mood(read~u dont get denied) and loadsa intresting Tv programmes ;)

K-Kids and names?
~no kids yet as th Co-Producer is unavailable at th moment :(

L-Life is incomplete without:
love and friends and MOOlah :)

M-Marriage date:MM/YYYY ---
~sum time b4 2014.. anytime after that my parents will declare me a spinster n send me off to th local ashrams..

N-Number of siblings
~2.. elder buffalo's

O-Oranges or apples:
~neither? i prefer durians~ the double up as weapons! :) apparently it stinks~to al you foreigners~ur missing out on life's greatest pleasures!

~jeyshree maam's classes~ no 1 can bore you as much..

~a smile is a curve that sets everything else straight :)

R-Reason to smile:
~ th amount of "nansense" people do when in love `im a great example-Mahelaaaaaa`

~I hate winter! i'd rather be in jeyshree's maam's class

T-To meet or to speak:
~I'd rather meet :) actions speak louder than words..
Eg. Saying I love you and a smack on th lips aint th same :p

U-Unknown fact about me:
~im a psychotic posessive female *oh damn! that was a know fact*

V-Vegetable(s) you do not like:
~Bitter gourd~ yucky to th power of infinity

W-Worst habit:-
~Biting my fingers (when i m thinking or jobless)

.X-rays you have had:-
~surprisingly nil~ for th amount i'v injured myself

Y-Your favourite food:-
~Pizza :)

~Leo *roaaaar again*

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