Monday, February 28, 2011


I stand by th window,
Watching life pass by,
In silence

I look out,
Searching for me,
In th crowd,

But all I see,
is my reflection,
On the window

I look out,
This time blank,
I don't search

This time,
I see a man,
And his child

I see love,
In its purest form,
Between them

I think,
of the man in my life,
Of me,
Of us.

I fear,
My child wouldn't have,
A dad like him

I fear,
I wouldn't have,
A husband like him

I fear,
I have a lover like him

Who is capable,
of making me feel,
A myriad of emotions.

All in silence.
The very silence I love to hate,
And hate to love

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