Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joy # 4

 I couldn't stop grinning, all the way back home from Batam. Even the smothering KL heat couldn't melt the grin off my face. I flashed smiles at random strangers, Immigration officers, security guards, hell, i even smiled at the stray dog outside the airport. Only when it stared right back, I realized what I was doing.

 I tried reasoning to the dog i wasn't a lunatic, but i knew it would make me look crazier than what i was. Just to clarify, i am NOT mad, i have an IQ score of 132 (hee hee hee)

Well,  i'm happy today because of this one Handsome old man i met, in th flight, on my way home from Batam.

I'm flying back home,
sitting beside
a gentleman
in white

his crown is white
and thats about it

I see him smile
at an old photograph
he whips it out
smiles, and
keeps it back in

He repeats it,
time and again

I ask him,
' Who the lady,
in the photograph is?'
the lady who has
clearly, captivated him
all this years

He smiles,
at winks at me,
with a twinkle in his eye,
He says,
' She's my girl'

I let out a very audible 'awww'

Isn't this the sweetest thing ever? I thought so too :)


  1. You definitely have met the one in millions.

  2. Hahahaha..i have become the cynicist lately, it all looks rosy red from the outside. maybe the actual story is not so "aww"-fying :P
    I like ur I.Q score :)


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