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A fun movie-books-music tag

Oh well, i just got back from the UK and have been having serious bouts of jet lag (and to top it, i had a tall, fat mug of double dose Nescafe at 2am )
I want to write, i badly need to but, i cant really put my finger on the words in my Monkey Head.

And so i started reading, my Favorite thing to do at any given time of the day. Browsed through the blogs i follow (its been ages since ive read any other blogs other than science related), and glad to have found Preeti Shenoy once again.

And found this Tag,and loved her choices and thought it would be great if i could list down mine too (I love tags, rather i love Questions)

Here's a tag that she made up and its rules.


1.The tag has three parts..Movies,Music, Books/ Authors.

2.Write a movie, book and author with each alphabet of your first name. The book, movie or song should be one that you really liked. If you say why it  matters to you, it would be great! We will all discover new songs, movies and books this way.

3.Tag as many people as there are letters in your name. (if your name has 4  letters, you have to tag 4 people and so on)

4.Mention that the tag originated here  and link back to this post :-)

5.Copy paste these rules :)

Here goes mine :
(Sivasankari is a tad too Long, so i'll stick with Sankari ;-) )


Shawshank Redemption, The
One of the few movies ive cried and  fervently wished for a happy Ending. movie showcases human spirit, hope and dreams. Poetic.

A walk in the clouds
Watched the movie as a kid and the final scene where they fan the vineyard and the handsome Keanu Reeves runs back for th Plant root stuck long enough for me to grow up and watch it all over again.
A Sucker for old school romance ;-)

Naan Kadavul 
One of my Favorite movies by Bala. A movie on the usually avoided lot, Beggars, Aghoris, Kidnapper, Underworld Lords. I was crazy into Aghoris and their practices for sometime afterwards.

Kung Fu Panda
A light hearted movie i watched 4 times in a day. Didnt want to watch it initially but was forced by someone very close to heart. Loved the Panda and the underlying message.

Ayirathil Oruvan
Selvaraghavan's another director who makes movies that makes you think. The movie was rich in visuals and history. Something ive never quite gotten into, And after the movie, ive immersed myself into a lot of Tamil culture and history. Interesting to know ones roots

Rain Man/ Roja
Roja's is a movie ive watched over a 100 times and id still watch it like new even if it was screened again now. Loved everything about the movie, the cute romance, the patriotism, the human shades in the terrorists, the simplicity of human life actually 

Loved all the Songs from the movie. Arvindswamy is always a plus point. The Climax scene has to be my favorite, with the low caste child running through to help the upper caste child. Movie showcased how caste never should be a barrier. I still cant believe the movie wasn't a success.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version)
Soothing. A song i always turn to when in down. 

Andhi Malai Megham (Nayagan)
UpBeat song from Nayagan. I must have heard the song as a kid but listening to the song one day, on the way back home from a particularly difficult day at work (the entire month was crappy) somehow, it made me feel, this too shall pass, and it put a wide smile on my face.

Not the Doctor (Alanis Morisette)
There's something about alanis that hits a chord with the soul in us. The lyrics are very everyday, that when you sing along you dont need to swallow words. A song i sang in school, along with Hands in my Pocket. Memories memories.

Kau Ilhamku (Man Bai)
ManBai's rendition of Kau Ilhamku (You're my Inspiration) is one of the soulful numbers Malaysian music industry can be proud of. Beautiful Lyrics, simple music arrangement and very low tech. A song i kept playing during my 3 years in Bangalore whenever i missed home

Aap Ki Nazron Mein (Anpadh)
One of the few things i hate will be antakshari(when im forced to sing) Frogs croak much better than i can hit a chord. I love listening to others sing though and in one of those sessions @ Tara's grandparents house, i heard Ishita sing it and was completely blown away. It was very close to the original. Beautiful!

Rock On!!! (Rock On!!!)
Rock Songs, kickass attitude. Whats not to like ;-)

Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)
One song i can hear over and over again and find something new to ponder upon. Love the emotions and longing. Hated how true it all was. 'Yeah you bleed just to know youre alive- cant get any more real'


Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts)/ 
Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal (D.Jayakanthan)

Shantaram was my best friend for 2 weeks. Id come home tired from work and no matter how tired i was, id at least read a couple of pages. I was a book i couldnt read last enough. I dashed through all th pages because i couldnt wait to know what happens next. I couldnt read any other book for more than a month afterwards, the impact was made. Would love to read it all over again, when i have some leisure time in hand.

Jeyakanthan has to be one of my favorite tamil authors. He opiniated and is outspoken about it. He doesnt make any qualms about hiding it. He potrays people as they are. Complete with emotions regardless of social strata. SNSM was one such gem. Read more at the movie site of its adaptation.

A thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseini)
I read the book and teared. Never have i felt anything more real, and it was as if the book was unfolding in front of my eyes, the characters  real and the heinous treatment against the woman couldnt get anymore painful.I put myself in their shoes, and wept along with them.

Nights of Rains and Stars (Maeve Binchy)
She makes me want to go to Ireland. She writes all her book with a soul and this one was the first among all her works,for me. Ive since read all her books (barring Heart and Soul and Minding Frankie)
It was a very easy, uplifting books about stranger, rising above challenges (told ya i am a sucker for crazy romance;-) )

Kill a MockingBird, To (Harper Lee)
A book ive always wanted to read. But never quite did. At times it was the cover, or the name Atticus, or the first few sentences that were alien to my socio-culture, but its one book im glad i didnt read any sooner or any later. Any sooner, i would have not understood the depth of the novel, any later it wouldn't have made it to the list ;-)
It was a book filled with what it takes to be Human, and many a times i wish i was Scout Finch. Just to have a fatherly figure like Atticus and a brother like Jem.

Arundhati Roy
I adore this woman. For what she writes and for what she believes in real life.My obsession with her writing started with The God of Small things and now Field notes on democracy. She has this distinct charm and its shown in the manner in which she shapes all her characters, complete with white/grey shades. 

Roots, The ( Alex Haley)
Another book i couldnt stop reading. I carried it everywhere i went. I read it every minute i could find spare. The book was about roots and much more than that. A book i cannot read again, yet. Very strong and descriptive. 

Inheritance of a Loss (Kiran Desai)
Loved the writing style. Loved the book. Review here.

So well, thats my list, Anyone reading feel totally free to take it up :)

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