Friday, December 9, 2011

For all the moments passed

There was a time where we would rush to grow up
Now all we want is to invent a time machine,
To travel backwards

There was a time where we had 1000 fights in a day,
Now a single wrong word uttered,
Will last 1000 years

There was a time we had to look ego and tension up the dictionary
Now, we define those few words ourselves

There was a time we studied a whole year to get a 100
Then it was a whole night to merely pass
Now, we spend a lifetime romancing those moments

There was a time we’d lie, and act hurt,
Now it’s a daily lie, saying Im fine

There was a time laughter was omnipresent
Now, its something one seeks

There are some friends,
Who only stay in mind till in need,
There are some,
Who’d be remembered till the very last breath,
Perhaps, even beyond

Moments like this reminds us weve come a long way,
Life has beaten you upside down
While you were strolling in daisy farms

Every moment now
will appear sepia toned a few years down the road
Every memory now,
Was once a time we rushed or mulled over

 And its idiosyncrasies 


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