Wednesday, March 7, 2012

rain and movies

Its been a movie marathon week. Less work, more movies. I’ve even gone up to 2 movies in a night. Monday night was Big Bang Theory S5 Ep 15-18 and then Mauna Guru, Tuesday night with Ekk Mein Ekk tu and Crazy. Stupid Love, Wednesday, today , Dhobi Ghat. I don’t think I’d be able to watch another movie today. You know the feeling you get when you’ve completed a book, you’ve been reading for sometime, a book you fall in love with and make it your partner, companion. That moment when you know you’ve read the final full stop and the hollow feeling inside, which hurts and soothes at the same time. And that very feeling that doesn’t allow you to move away from it. You’d revel in the experience and reflect on all that has happened, plot, and real life. If you’ve experienced that, you truly are lucky to have found one such book. Well, it’s pretty much the same with Dhobi Ghat.

This isn’t a movie review, because I suck at it and ive got absolutely no idea how one reviews a movie. Ive got no knowledge on filmmaking and its intricacies and neither have I the capabilities of examining every single frame of the movie. I just know if it was Awesome, Good, or bat shit Bad.
Back to Dhobi Ghat, well, I’ve been putting it away for dragon years mainly because it was promoted to be a arty film, dry and an insight of the Dhobi Community, well, at least that what I understood, and I for one am not a fan of sad/ dark movies, mainly because I cry very easily.  But today I had no better option, since I was running out of movies to watch (note to self: download more movies this weekend) and I wanted to watch something Indian.

Abstract, engaging, Aamir, perfection and it leaves you blank.

I had to take a break after the movie. Went outside, saw the beautiful rain, the chill. And was reminded of my Bangalore. How we’d play in the rain EVERYTIME it rained. How carefree college life was and how its changed now, at the age of 26. Realized that the numbers doesn’t quite matter (pfft, shanky! You’re 26, not 62; stop thinking like a fossil) instead its what you make life to be that matters. Quickly locked my room and ran downstairs before I could have a change of heart.
A few wild stares and a lil psst psst from the other hostel kids. Probably wondering why this crazy woman is dancing in the rain and croaking cheesy songs (Barso re megha- guru / raindrops keep falling on my head- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, Chinna china mazhaithuligal – en swasa katre, and alots of laa la laa’s). Not like I could be bothered much, but I felt pity for them though. The same people, who’d probably be updating their FB status to, wow! It’s raining outside, so nice/so cool to watch the raindrops or other equally cheesy lines, yet, they wouldn’t want to play in the rain, Sigh.

I just realized how abstract my post really is. Sheesh. Probably the Dhobi Ghat effect :p

Anyhoo, I’m a happy bee and the rain helps prioritize one’s life. I know I’d want to be happy, (always thought that qualifies as an answer to what you’d want to be in future) although completing the MSc within 18 months is very high on my wish list right now :P

Go stare at the rain if its raining over there, but, by all means, try and play in it, if you can, it’s the happiest thing to do!

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