Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Me You = Happiness

Life works in mysterious ways & that's the one thing that never changes (you know, like people say, change is the only thing that never changes, yeah, like that) Life, as they say, if filled with oddities (they don't say that? Okay.) And more often than not the reality is stranger than fiction. How else could you explain 3 girls from different parts of the world (Okay, i lied 2 from one part and one from the other part) bonding like sisters or even better, Best friends!  The 3 of us have no obligations (blood ties) to love each other, neither  the singular ownership reasons (Bf, husband, wife, etc) to love each other. Our characteristics are in contrast of each other as our Operating system is. Boyfriends may leave, husbands may divorce, but these girls? Im pretty damn sure, its going to take a life for one of us to leave.

But what makes this so damn bloody special is that we bonded (physically, and in an completely non-sexual manner) for a grand total of only 3 years and the love (touche) has now carried us on for 9 years ;)
Closer than sisters, thicker than robbers. These 2 rascals have a way of making things better & I know they'll always be around. They don't judge (oh hell, who am i kidding, we judge each other all the time , that doesn't change the way we love).

The SS is insanely intelligent, pretty damn sure of what she wants, secretly confused.
The SR thinks she knows what she wants & at the same damn time realizes she's fooling herself thinking she knows what she wants.
The RPc openly declares her confusion (although she does try and hide it, doesnt work RPc!) , she hates everyone, but loves the people close to her like a mother hen would :)

3 People so different, yet so similar in many ways. They don't have to explain feelings of ideas in details & more often than not, its a similar idea or view of the 3. I dont pray to god the love stays. Cuz, i know i dont have too (cheesy as fly!). I know the love (lau!) has no where else to go. And as the old saying (by us) goes, we belong together, like nose & whiteheads!

Much lau!

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