Thursday, January 6, 2011

joy #2 :-)

* diskoooom*

I've had a long long long long day.. It started smack at 6am nd had started working just about then. Right up to 8pm. Coming to think of it, I wouldn't have felt this exhausted if I had to sub culture algae, or fumigate the entire laboratory, or extract lipid from th darned lil creatures or even murder all my algae's. Instead I had meetings to discuss algae, nd algae management.


I had the impression I was a people person until I met 'em algaes. Such darlings that they are. Give them nitrate, phosphate, potassium, water source, a little bit of human excrete ( co2 I mean) and they will be the happiest little things every on th surface of earth. How not to love em?

But no, I've got to hire people to look after my algae ( which in turn looks after us - I'll be doing free marketing for my company if I continued on this). These people whom I've hired need to be taken care of again in turn. We start off with backlog issues, graph charts, data interpretation, process flow, data calculations, good lab practices, standard operating procedures, and it went on until we decided algaes aren't the only ones who needed to eat.

And it was 8 by then :s

More than hunger, (both my stomach and head) I was thinking of my joy for the day. Wrecking my head if I had any.

I managed to tell my boss I was starting my MSc program ( I was very very worried on how I'd break th news to him, bordering obsession, but, on th contrary he was very happy I finally decided to continue studying!) I did feel a lot relieved but, not joy.

The company general manager bribed me with my favourite yoghurt ice cream ('s makes the besssst )but then again, no huge joy.

I found my joy much later, in the hotel room ( Swiss Inn 703, Batam :p)
Joy #2 ? Standing under a heavy hot water shower (and by hot, its real hot) for 5 minutes, without doing anything else. Just standing there. 5 minutes into it, i ended up feeling much lighter like as though the hot water has removed all my burden.

Nothing beats a hot water shower after a long day! And its one of the reasons I love Batam!


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  1. ummm.. u were in bathrum for 5 MIN..:O:O:O
    ghodsh dat shld b a record for u:P


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