Wednesday, January 5, 2011

joy #1 :-)

# 1, watching first standard kids on the first day of school.

Its Wednesday today, officially the 3rd day of the schooling schedule back here.

And in my rush to work today morning ( I rush everyday, because I simply can't see why I should spend all the extra time getting ready when I can utilise th time by sleeping :p ) I saw this small girl walking into her school block, and she seemed very familiar. I snapped out of my frenzy rush and smiled ever so widely, while trying to remember who she was. She seemed so happy and was holding another kids hand, walking with a skip in her step.

With a huge wide grin plastered on my face, I continued driving ( frenzy rush mode back again, hod's can't go in late to work everyday ;-) ). And suddenly, I remembered who she was! It was the same little girl I saw on her 1st day to school.

She had th blue-white pinafore on, a short fountain like double ponytail, big huge black pottu, a pink school bag bigger than th owner herself, matching pink water bottle sling across her shoulder. She was staring at the school, wide eyed, both hands clasped on her dad's legs ( cutie-pie found clinging onto th leg easier I'm assuming)

Confusion was written all over her face. She appeared almost afraid, among th thousands of other new kids in school. Not like the others looked any different.

And today, well, she has found her first best friend. Walking arm in arm and chattering away, and probably promising each other a life time of friendship.

I was reminded of my very first day in school. Mom and dad, holding my hands, each one hand. I'm not too sure who was more afraid ;)
I remember my parents waiting, along with all th other parents in th school canteen. Waiting for recess time. The next thing they knew, their lil tot was dragging another lil one, exclaiming to the whole world 'Paa, maa, my best friend Shyam, bye maa' and ran off to meet her best friends dad. Both our parents were taken aback slightly. Deprived from th drama they have been conditioned to ;-)

And naturally it did bring me back to my bessssssst friend in standard 1. Shyamala Sivapragasam.
I remember us being Siamese twins for quite a bit. We played games together, invented even stupider games together and what's worse? Anyone who thought they were stupid, were rendered social outcast ;)

We shared everything that could be possibly shared (drinks, lunch, friends) and even those that shouldn't be shared ( Homework- more often than not she would complete mine, Exams- I would complete my paper early and snatch her paper and complete it for her :-p ) We terrified each other making up horror stories about the school dentist/doctor. She told me the dentist yanked one of her tooth with pliers because it was slightly oversized, (I cried because ALL my teeth were BIG) and I told her the doctor who was administering injections for us , was first burning the needle in hot fire to clean the needle ( she cried  :-p).

And I smiled and felt all flutters inside. Little moments of joys like that makes the soul young all over again ;-)

Thank you kutty girl, for giving me a reason to smile ;-)


  1. my first day in school flashed bck in my mind too...thank u kutti gurl frm me too.
    stepsy, muaaaaaaahhhh! for bein my lil joy for the day today, shukriya :) i love u!

  2. Loved your thoughts. Very beautiful and humourous. And so very YOU. (And you made me feel kinda guilty for abandoning my blog years ago.. lol!)

    Anyway you have a gift. So keep writing, you budding writer you!

  3. v were like siamese twins... werent we?? haha... did i make up such a scary story??? hahahaha... we were vr imaginative ah... hahahahaha!!! btw,i rememba u on d 1st day 2... u were sitting on ur dads lap... :) n my dad insisted me 2 make fren wit u... so dat i wil have sumone 2 talk 2 on d 1st day... cant believe dat 1st day brought us so far... :D n p/s: thk u for completing my xms... hahahah.. :D


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