Monday, January 2, 2012

The Christmas Weekend :-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ya'll strangers of the night and the rest of you minions.

Had the awesome-est of time on Christmas eve and the next 2 days were spent drinking and making merry :-) Which has left me now with a bad case of running nose and sinus :-( of which i need to fight off before tomorrow night! :-D Time for another round of pigging out and laughing myself out hoarse :-)

Christmas 2011 has easily been the most fun of all times ;-)

The eve was kick started with a game of Paintball. It seemed innocently fun till the first pellet hit my bare thighs... Ouch was all i could scream. The guys kept pelting as i screamed ( i forgot to put my hand up to signal I've been hit). After losing 3 last man standing games, my team won Capture the Flag :-D :-D The opponent team claimed they couldn't see me running as i was too short.. Heh heh heh.. Being short does have its perks after all ;-) I dont have the pics from the evening sadly :-(

And a quick shower and change later, I rushed to my cousin's place for an amazing night of Love, Food and Laughter :-) Its always nice to know you're loved and that you're part of an awesome family! That exactly is what i'm blessed with ;-) And Yay, i have loads of pics from the Eve :-)

Yummy Sangria courtesy of Hema ka ;)

Guna and Me :)
Syama ka my Love :)
The AwesomePawsome host(s

Big Ane, Guna nd Hema ka's xmas gift! The most beautiful gift, ever! :)
The favourite Anni (and the only one)

the whole mad Family :)
My favourite Pic from the night :)

A lot of booze and laughter and gift exchanges later, i left for home with a cousin sister and i dont remember anything that happened the minute i stepped into her car. The next thing i remember was waking up to laughter and yummmmmy coffee ;-) I realized i was in Syama ka's place then. The unmistakable aroma of coffee! Heaven!

Another Christmas party later that night at Aunts place. Sober and battling the urge to pig out on the yummy prawn sambal, mutton perattal and chili chicken. And the yummy carrot cake!! Year ends are bad times for dieting, Just saying.

The next day was spent with cousins again! This time, one last lunch (and Sangria) with Hema ka before she left for Singapore :( but we managed to click dozens of pictures and had a whale of a time!

de girls :)

Lovely lawn calls for a poyo pose :p
Love the shot :) 
the ever goofy Sanjay 
the funniest and happiest child, ever :-)

So, well thats pretty much how Christmas Weekend went. Filled with FUN and Laughter.

Its 2012 already (i started the post in 2011 :-p, and finished it only today), so technically this is my first post for 2012! WooHoo!! Happy new year folks and hope you guys had an awesome time welcoming the new year. I had the best start in 26 years ;-) , Friends, towers of beer, dance floor and the perfect midnight with perfect someone :-)

Happy New Year again and Adios!

p/s - All photos are by Hema Ramasamy, my cousin sister, with magical touch of perfection in everything she does, warmest of all people with a beautiful heart that shows so beautifully on her and in her works.

© Hema R Photography
Reproduction or use only possible with written permission.

So, if you're loving the pics ive put up, as much as i do ( and there are more perfect ones!) do write in to her and she'll be glad to share her works with you :)


  1. seems like u njyd a loott.. sooo jealous of u. but happy 4 u.. n nyzzz pics....

    1. Thank you Nikki Bakshi :P Happpy new year to you too :)

  2. muah. the poster that broke our connection features as well! :)


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