Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Some of the most beautiful things in life sometimes cannot be measured my its monetary value alone, or cannot be bought with how much ever money :-) I've seen the numerous posts about Money can buy Happiness (but i'd rather sit in a Mercedes Benz/ Big House and cry), well it makes the cry a little more comfortable, but you still cry and that pain can not be comforted with anything other than the genuine warmth a person can offer :-)

Everyone is lucky, one way or the other and it truly depends on how thankful and adept  we are at recognizing the blessings in life. Its impossible to be saintly and be thankful for what you have and not feel a twinge of jealousy when you see someone seemingly luckier/prettier/richer/happier than you are, but what one has, another wouldnt and what one wants another doesnt ;-)

Im happy, as a bumblebee, right now :-) I've got my moments of

*Self hate (every-time i loose my way, i feel like  slamming th car and just dying off, i hate making wrong turns and getting stuck in a jam or paying extra toll's because of the dumb-ass mistakes i make)

*Regret (Whenever i walk into a grocery shop, im a self confessed Grocer-o-holic :-( i cannot for the love of God walk out of a store without buying anything from it, and I instantly regret the purchase after iv paid for it)

and the list goes on but yeah, im Happy today :-)

I got to Skype with my little sister from another Mother a.k.a Step a.k.a Riya Palchaudhuri after so many dragon years. And it was as if we never left the hostel at all. the laughter and the madness. to see how beautiful she is now without ever changing from the goofy self she always was, is and will be (Eg, when i attached my earphone to the laptop, which ideally means i can hear her better, she says, Yay! You've attached the earphones, now i can hear you clearly, we ended up Rolling on the floor giggling) . We say half a sentence and laugh, knowing the other would understand. Giggling over life or death matters, being serious over frivolous issues such as how to travel from Delhi to Goa without appearing to be too ambitious. Reminded me of how lucky i truly am, to have friends like her, who never change, and would not hesitate to kick my ass if i screw up.

I got to jog up the tiny hills near my house with a Mr.Happy and Mr Happier, (one is Rocky and the other one is Happy Child) and at the end of the jog we managed to find a sturdy tree overlooking the hills to the town to sit on. With a little jump, hang, grab and push i was sitting on the tree with the widest smile on my face. Stinky, covered with pollen, bloody ankle, and scratches all over, but i was happy. I got to be the child i always was and the Happy Child lets me be who i am, without judging and joining me in the fun :-)

And my Mom packed lunch for me today!! My favorite Spinach curry with yummy Pudina Chutney and sauteed french beans with Sambal'ed Potatoes.. I was in food heaven ( mini visual orgasm too :-p) and at the end of the yummylicious meal (which was prepared with loads and heaps of love), i found a tiny bag in the lunch bag. With bated breath and trembling hands i reached out for it (Dramatic Shanky) lo and behold, there was pink coconut burfi in the tiny bag!!!!! Coconut Burfi happens to be one of my favorite Indian sweets! i was beaming with joy and decided to write this post then :-D
coconut burfiiii ;-)

Another reason im a bumblebee now? I'll be going to Ipoh on Saturday, going caving ;-) Yeepeee..

See ya'll :)


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