Thursday, April 5, 2012

random musings

You’re the dream,
I’ve had for days,
You’re the reality,
I want for days.

 My raindrops,
My sprinkles,
My colours,
My rainbow; you’re the shine of my life.

One day I want you far away,
So that I’ll not think of you,
The next day I want you,
So close , As my teardrops to my cheeks.

The beautiful curve,
on your lips,
Sends me deeper into oblivion.

The clothing’s on me,
Flutter when you’re close,
Caressing me,
They way my heart aches  for you to.

You’re my hero,
My sweetheart,
My fun my joy my precious,

Before I close my eyes,
I find my solace,
In your glances.
Before I pinch my self,
I kiss you,
I imagine I am.

When you move 2 seconds away from me,
Something in me shatters,
Makes me want to hold you close,
And keep you closer,
Than ever.

The journey is long,
With only blue skies companying me,
And you, my pride.

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