Friday, May 4, 2012

Jobless, although Employed

Helo my non-existent chamatukutties,

I have been away for too long, simply because i have been too vetti(jobless) and at the rate that im going, i doubt i'll ever complete my MSc :(

Anyhow, i've been utilizing this time for other pressing issues, such as how many blogs can i read completely by the end of one day; calculating how much time has passed, everytime i pour myself a cup of coffee, downloading and printing (illegal) research papers and taking care to not read them so as to preserve its mint quality. Ithellem senju-senju, so tired i become by the end of the day, that i reach out to pour myself another cup of coffee.. Yum..

And this unfortunate (and totally uncalled for) vettiness is wrecking havoc in my shut eye time. See people, only if you're busy and totally occupied the whole day, you'll feel tired and then the subsequent need for sleep. but if you have been up all morning (and afternoon) trying to fight off sleep (not to work but to avoid being fired), plotting and planning on how to kill time till 5pm, it becomes somewhat impossible to sleep at night.

Iveloveyum thaangittu, oru manushi uyirode irukaana, avelukku ore Award kodekerethillei? Cha, appreciation eh illathe world, I tell you!

But since its already Friday (pardyyyyyyy) i shall stop ranting and prepare my bi-weekly progress report ;-)
I know what you're wondering, how does someone who does no work all week long make a progress report? That's an art people, an art  which keeps me employed ;-)
Hee hee hee..

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