Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Girl Child

(Image courtesy : Save a Girl Child)

My darling girl child,
i bow my head ,
Offering you apologies.

For all the hardship,
You endured,
Even when you were just a speck of life,
For all the injustice, 
That awaits you.

Your laughter was cruelly wiped away,
Embedding  scars onto your beautiful lips,
The twinkle in your eye,
Brutally replaced by the placid tears

They who hurt you,
Fail to realise,
The barren land that awaits them;
Without your tinkling laughter,
The myriad colours you come with,
The warmth and sunshine only you exude.

But, No! Girl child,
It isn't what you deserve,
It certainly is no place for you to be.

You belong where the beautiful angels are,
You deserve to be adored and fussed over,
You deserve every single drop of happiness.

Worship you, we shall not,
For you're just a mere human
You can make mistakes girl child,
Its okay!
Let no soul tell you otherwise.
You do not have to fill imaginary shoes.
You do not need to play roles that has been scripted for you,
You will script your own chronicles,
You're a soul, nothing more, nothing less!

Dont allow your heart to quake, 
My precious girl child,
You will be safe
and cherished
We will make the world a better place for you,
With our brawn and affection.

My exquisite Girl Child,

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