Thursday, July 26, 2012


7 things I wish to do before I die

1 Watch an Ilayaraaja concert. Ze God!!
2 Read all 4 vedas and understand the concept and science behind them all
3 To travel at least to half the countries in the world!
4 To make a masala tamil movie, with compulsory inclusion of Namitha :-p
5 To write a book. Publish it. And write another one
6 To learn Kathak.
7 To cook and feed everyone around me. Rich, poor, loved ones despised ones. Everyone. At least once.

7 things I do not enjoy doing:

1 Writing meeting minutes. I think its a royal waste of my precious time and people mostly blabber nonsense in meetings! Blergh!
2 Being with babies/children for an extended period of time. What do you do with them after 45 minutes?
3 Antakshari. Any form, any language. I cannot sing. Even to save my life.
4 Worrying about uncertainties’ (It doesn’t stop me from being paranoid)
5 Driving in traffic. I rather sing. No, wait. I rather sit 46 minutes with kids.
6 Working in temperatures below 25Degrees. I can die of cold, Ok?!
7 Folding clothing. I detest!

7 things I say most often

1. Suuuuuuper awesome
2. Chill, why so tenjen?
3. Dei!!!! (Ala vijayakanth)
4. Ha ha, you’re so funny. ha ha
5. Kichuski/ Ranguski -how I call my folks when I’m feeling affectionate :P
6. Halluuuu?? 
7. Less tension, more work. More work, less tension

7 Books I like

1. The god of small things - Arundhati Roy
2. Ponniyin selvam - Kalki
3. Roots - A Haley
4. A thousand splendid suns - Khaled Hosseini
5. All Maeve Binchy's books!
6. To kill a mocking bird - Harper Lee
7. Shantaram - G R David

7 Movies I want to watch again:

1. Mouna Ragam. I love Kartik. I adore Mohan. I think it’s one of the best movies to be made. Ever
2. Roja. I watch it like ive never seen it before. True statement from Mom :p
3. Pretty Woman. I can recite the dialogue's for Julia nd Richard :D
4. Any/All Rajnikanth movie! Style Style. Super Style!
5 Kannathil Muthamittal. Maniratnam is a genius. He dilutes it by making hindi-tamil movies. When he concentrates on only tamil, he strikes gold.
6 Panchathantiram/Vasool Raja Mbbs. Comedy at its best
7 Any K.Balachandar Movie

7 pieces of Music I enjoy

Ilarayaraja Songs. Every single one of them including his non cinematic outputs! Brilliant!
2 Lemon Tree. Reminds me of college days :)
3 Dancing Queen. Abba :)
4 Songs from Padosan. Very cutesy cute!
5 Aint no sunshine when she's gone.. Awwwww
6 Nine Inch Nails.. Full on brilliance..
7 Cats in the cradle -Harry chapins version the best, followed by Johnny Cash's version

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