Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 Happy things

Oh hello well..

My new years resolution for 2016 was to write more. And its been 14 days into the year already and its only now that i'm writing, at all (besides work related writing).
There are these chewies i got from Melbourne, its called 'The Natural' and on each wrapper there's sort of a riddle/question. One of them caught my eye, What are the 3 things that make you happy? People who know me, know that I value happiness over probably everything else. Its the one single thing that I pray for. SO well, i sat and thought hard about what are the 3 things i'm most happy about/ or that makes me happy.

1. Being happy makes me happy. really, its an oxymoron, i realize but the mere thought of being happy makes me forget my troubles :) Okay fine. I'll scratch that and restart from number 1.

Real No 1. Travelling. I love moving around. the very thought of staying still at one place scares me and it dulls my whole day whenever i have the misfortune of thinking about it. That probably is the reason why i often change jobs (coming to think of it, 3 jobs in 6 years isnt too bad), for the fear of remaining in the same place tad too long.

2. Praying. It gives me a sense of calm, peace and happiness. Especially after some really rough times. and that direct connection you feel with God, its  exhilarating.

3. Music. I remember reading somewhere, music really is like a drug. It invokes the feeling of happiness (or sadness) and never leaves you feeling alone. That emotion/chills you get when you hear that favorite part of a song, it has the power to make your whole day alright!

Besides these, being in love often makes one happy (with equal if not more parts of heartbreaks). And having amazing friends ( who are of the same wavelength as you) certainly makes one happy. Cooking and food in general too. Oh well, the list is indeed non-exhaustive.

So well, I asked the 3 people (who have the power to dictate how happy i am, 1 more that the other 2, because Reasons,) what made them happy.

Music, booze and travelling

Hasnt gotten back to me, true to her being
Edit: true to herself, in a very commercial form (much like a beauty pageant reply), has just replied.
1. Making a difference (in people's live and in the world)
2. Reading a good book
3. Finding kindred spirits

So, leave a note on what makes you happy yea?

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