Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy green day

I saw a jogger,
Outside the park,
With a scrawny stick in his hand..

It had rained
Nd the roads were clogged

He could have walked on,
Nd yet he stooped

He poked,
And prodded.
He went the whole way
And He made sure,
He cleared the logged roads,

He could have walked on
Without a care in the world
Off to his regular route.

Looking at him
Clean the roads

My hopes on humanity

I was glad,
He took time
To breathe;
To live,
To enjoy,
the nature

And that he didn't hesitate
To repair the nature
For when it wasn't perfect
He never wasted a second
To make amends
For his past
And for the future..

He represented environmental day..
He showed me,
How it was environmental day,

and, for a man who stooped so low,
no one else looked so noble,
in my eyes before.


  1. "He never wasted a second
    To make amends
    For his past
    And for th future.."
    so mature, so deep, i loved that you shared this incident. i duno abt others, but instead of blamin others, mayb i will pick up a stick wen its necessary to clear the loggin, its soooo unconditional, he is a Good Man!

  2. thanks step..

    and yes, that inspired me to do the same.
    Sometimes it takes something so basic for a change.
    Im glad took a drive earlier.

  3. :) "lil drops"
    hahahaa, i wanted to ask you since when you wake up when people take morning walks? but then i remembered you have to go for work ;)

  4. vow... i cld feel d incident happenin in front of my eyes.. mayb my batchmates shld read dis..


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