Thursday, September 30, 2010


A man does not belong to a caste any lesser than what he belongs to a nation,
and one such man does not belong any more to a nation than what he belongs to the World.

I wish i had understood this many years ago. When i was debating Mahatma Gandhi.
Only to be dumbfounded by my opponent when she simply said,
...' But you are no Indian, we suffer the brunt of his deed'...
I had no answer to that then, but i do now.

I am also glad i didn't understand what i know now because i was simply too young then.
I didn't have arguments in me.
I never felt the need to reform.
I see joy. i see friendship. i see no caste. no creed.

Now i see the need to reform. Myself predominantly, let alone the society.
I find that Ive absorbed all the germs from my ancestors past, harboring them and passing it down to my future.
I resemble almost everything i hated in my past generation, and what i foresee my future generation will be.
I have a tinge of racism now.

Im not too hard on myself because i know deep down, everyone is Racist. We are more often than not instigated to turn out racist. Peer pressure, environmental and sociological impacts, hatred passed down generation after generation, yada yada and Mambo Jumbo.

Im not glad i am racist. I'd like to be able to stand tall, and scream out loud, i'm human..
ive got no caste, no creed no race..

But then again, human race, is a race already ;)

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