Wednesday, September 29, 2010

life, as i see it

You can live in poverty,
But you don't need to act
like you're stricken by it.

You can live in failure,
But you don't need to act,
Like its beaten you.

You can live in heartbreak
But you don't need to act
Like you've been shattered.

For we live to
glorify our past.

For we live to
See another story of joy

For we live to
Romanticize our good time

For there maybe someone,
Who rejoices at our fall

For there maybe someone
who regales at our inability

For there maybe someone
Who builds forts on our ruins

Simply because,
we dont look at ourselves,
the way people would look at us.

And never should you.


  1. hmmm y such a philosphical poem..?? nmywas it was gud.. keep it up:) luv ya

  2. step!!! This is soooo Spledid. profound! im runnin out of adjectives! You know wat, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, u gave wrds to how i feel so many tyms n neva hve the wrds! Muah. My step is sooo Talented, yea yea!!!


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