Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How would you define being Right or Wrong

I was blog hopping a while ago and happened to read a post by a guy of Malaysian-Indian descent. It went somewhat like this, The guy justifies slapping sense into his sister because she stayed the night out with her boyfriend and did not call home to inform the parents she'd be out. She apparently was out of contact for 36 hours prompting the family to lodge a police report. When she returned home finally she  acted as if nothing did happen, and well, rest is a whack and smack.

While i completely understand the rage this guy must have been in and also the concern for his sister, what irks me is that we (Indians) like hiding behind a decorum of culture et all.While it is terribly wrong for the girl to go off just like that, causing heartbreak to her family members, its also wrong for these brothers to whack th living daylights out of the girl and her boyfriend. How different are you in committing a sin as per compared to her? And if you're trying to hide behind upholding your name and respect in the community by whacking her, truly, the line is very thin between this and honor killing.

Its disturbing what some people would do for honor. While i agree about how one should lead life honorably, i disagree that any other person has the right to take away another's life. Who are you to judge, like really? And to quote Sara Bareilles 'Who died and made you the king of anything?'

There were also a few jokers bashing the guy and girl, saying how wrong it was to lie to parents, yada yada. It made me guffaw, how easily do words flow when you're on the the internet upholding 'honor'. Unless you're King Harishchandra I dont quite understand how you can judge the lady.

While im totally against young girls running off to marry their stupid-good for nothing boyfriends (who'd leave them after a couple of months),  i dont see the logic behind punishing the girl once its all done and over with. Honestly if she learnt nothing at all after life's lesson, you're trashing wouldnt do any good either. It'll probably just soothe you for a bit.

At that one moment of anger, perhaps all you can possibly think of is to physically abuse the other person and justify yourself by saying 'adikere kaithaan anaikum' (translates to the hitting hand cares). but if you take a minute and actually speak to the other person and well, offer enough understanding and trust, i believe matters can be solved in a much more ; honorable' manner

Im certainly not bashing the person for using his methods, as im sure he did that for the betterment of the girl and in her best interest, but its idiotic how sometimes, some people treat women like objects.

All that said, I'm glad i've been raised by parents who raised all 3 siblings equally, brothers who'd break bones of guys who tried acting funny with me, a friend, who respects women and loves his sister like how TR loves his sisters in all his movies.

Well, if youre the blogger or others who share his sentiments, do share your thoughts. And if you agree with me, gimme a high5 :)


  1. High 5!!!!
    these are the people who think they are "all full of good intent..swear you know best"~ sara bareilles.
    Each one of us come across same situations and we deal with life's ups and downs differently, going judgemental and violence is not a solution.
    maybe cultivating a little empathy goes a long way~

  2. seriously u r tooo gud in writing the blogs.. n best thing is u r becoming better wid each blog... its a pleasure of myn that i can read ur blogs n dey realllyyy make me think n change my view for certain point... keep on writing:)


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