Friday, August 19, 2011

Say no to Dowry?

I read a little poem earlier today. I dont quite enjoy reading poems as much as i like writing them.
I guess i enjoy the secrecy it offers me but i hate how it often secludes me when i read it.

The poem i chanced upon today was different. It was right smack in your face kinds. Yet it was soulful and it wasnt the open book-preachy types.


Wanted : a broom

when he said Darling
he didnt ask a paisa for anything
but when he said Marry me
he asked for gold
plates and pot
aiyo he even asked for a broom
to sweep th floor
I said
the broom's the limit
he got up and asked why

i said
so i can sweep you off my heart
and toss you into the trash

paying a life subscription
just to get a male hooker
what am i
or a total fool

- Chandrakanthi 

Dont ask, dont give. 


  1. Good poem...

    But i dont think dowry will play its part in love marriages. As per the poem it seems its a love marriage..

  2. Sadly it still does. Parents, society, heck sometimes even the lover expects dowry (disguised in all forms) from the Lady.

  3. Honestly i feel ashamed when my friends (some) take it,, felt like not to go to their marriage..

  4. i guess our generation should b d one to say no to dowry.. to say no to des idiotic n senseless traditions.. in our society a bride giver feels inferior den bride taker but i guess it should b d oder way round.. till d change in d society thinkin is made by our generation der will b dowry taken n given on d name of gifts n oder things...


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