Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kalyanam aka Marriage

I was at the temple a couple of days ago. For the uninitiated, the temple really is a place for worship! Although Aunties and Uncles may use it as a gossip vehicle, Boys and Girls as a perfect flirt ground, Kids and Babies to run and yell respectively. After hours of prayers and prasadam, i was caught in the midst of a A&U gossip.

It started of with the customary exchange of information; i am looking for a bride/groom for my son/ daughter and it strayed to why men should marry girls at least 10 years younger to them. The debate (rather knowledge imparting) was honestly mind numbing and if i could i'd have said you're insane and walked off. But like a nice girl i nodded and smiled.

And Mr.C (so as to protect his identity), thinks i agree with what he says. So, he decides to offer more insight onto why th e age gap has to exist. Apparently his parents had a 16 year gap, and they lived happily ever after. And some couple he knows of, belonging to the same age bracket, were divorced. So, conclusion, > age gap = > happiness

Apparently with the age gap, there's lesser ego (please note that age gap mean the guy is older than the girl!) and the Lady would have to be dependent on her man and thus be more 'adjusting'. And so they'll live happily every after.

I haven't heard of a statement more bewildering than that in a long time! Isn't education supposed to liberate one? And what is the point of being educated when you have to still rely on someone else for all the decisions? Putting two heads together to decide is something else (and well, should perhaps be the right way). Also, just because you can adjust and stay married, it doesn't mean you're happy inside. Whats the point of living if you cant live happily? Just because the lady decides enough is enough that doesn't make her an egoistical b*atch, does it?

With all due respect to Mr.C mother, i dont quite think age gap is as necessary as understanding between the couple. I'm 25, unmarried (i'm too young to be anyway) and i'm semi-independent , which probably means i dont have much say about marriage, but i certainly know something from what i've heard of.

Love, care, understanding, and to be able to adjust certainly is important ;-)

So as to reinstate my believe on Marriage ( my parents have the happiest married life i know of, yes they do fight occasionally, but that makes the cuter!) i'll sign of with this song ;-)



  1. The blog is colorful... looks that u write frequently.. good

  2. But why the Thonganagaram clip.. chumma?

  3. @ravi :)
    thank you and kalyanam song -yeanna i'm in love with it :)

  4. im thinking y did u mysteriousofy the Mr. C.... and the expansion would be THE word in Hindi steppy? :p

    by the way, marriage is beyonnd age, caste, ethnicity, color, race, even gender :p
    Also...open mindedness is a rarity in the world!

  5. Keep coming more.. i liked the background of this page...

  6. @Riya Palc, ahhaha,he's not a evil person, so the C isnt an abbreviation for the Hindi word ;) His name really starts with C :P

    And yes, Union between two people is beyond all this drama, nd i wish people understood this more.

    @Ravi, Thank you so much, for reading and a bigger thanks for the comments! :)


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